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Anthropology is the study of the existence of human cultures throughout time and how they lived, biological characteristics of people, and customs/beliefs of cultures.

Anthropology Minor

Course Requirements & Outcomes

The Anthropology minor teaches you the basics about anthropology and specifics if you want to continue this learning. The goal of anthropology is for you to be able to diversify cultures, individuals, and social systems; and how to be able to comprehend data about cultures and come to conclusions about cultures.

If you enjoy televisions series like Bones and Human Planet,  this could be the minor for you. There are several different categories for anthropology including cultural anthropology, archaeology and biological anthropology. You should choose this minor if you want to learn more about different types of people, how they lived, and why people are different. This minor could propel you into graduate school and career choices such as being an archaeologist to being a forensic anthropologist to helping to solve crimes.