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Anthropology Minor Course Requirements

MINOR Requirements: 18 credit hours
AN 121 Human Evolution & Archaeology
AN 122 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
AN 451 Field Experience in Anthropology
Plus 9 credit hours of add'l Anthropology courses
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Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Student Learning

In addition to the course requirements, anthropology minors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes:

Identify the outcomes of the anthropological perspective and apply the perspective to current topics and her or his own life (assessed in all anthropology courses),

Effectively employ qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather and interpret data about anthropological topics (assessed in AN 121, 122, 451), and

Recognize and appreciate diversity in individuals, cultures and social systems (assessed in all anthropology courses).

The outcomes of the Anthropology minor are assessed through a wide variety of quizzes, written assignments and oral presentations in the required courses.  AN 451, Field Experiences in Anthropology, provides a capstone experience to the minor and provides an overall assessment of each of the outcomes.