1. What do you like most about Avila?

   Avila is a really good university and can meet your every requirement. I like the course arrangement of ESL that contains four separate classes. It is specific and targeted.


2. What has surprised you about America?

   I like that American food is better than I thought before. Also, American people are so nice and friendly.


3. Do you have any advice for students wanting to study abroad at Avila?

   There is no doubt that Avila is a really good choice for people who want to study abroad. You should learn about some basic American customs and the culture before you come here.

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International Students are always welcome at Avila! Avila is a fully accredited university located in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can choose from many different programs at Avila.  If you need to improve your English, the Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILCP)  can help you do this.  In this program, you will learn the English needed to be successful. It is also a great program if you would like to improve your English and then return to your home country.

Avila also has many undergraduate majors you can choose including  International Business, Management, Communication, Business Administration, Psychology, Education, Social Work, and many more.

If you need to learn English (ESL) before you begin classes for your major, please contact ILCP. We will put both ESL and your major on your I-20. Remember, you can take classes that will apply to your undergraduate degree while studying ESL.

Finally, if you already have a Bachelor's degree, you are welcome to take classes in one of Avila's Master's programs.  Avila has Master's programs in Business, Psychology, and Education.  If you wish to teach English, the Education department offers a graduate degree in teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Please click here for more information about graduate programs.  Please contact ILCP if you wish to first study ESL and then a graduate degree. Your graduate field of study as well as ESL will be put on your I-20.

We hope that you choose to come to Avila. Our faculty and staff will do our best to take care of you and help you feel comfortable as you learn to live in a new culture.

Contact us at international@avila.edu or 816.501.3772.