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What is the benefit of studying in the U.S.?
If you study in the U.S., you will be able to experience new cultures and meet people from many different countries.  In addition, you will be able to improve your English, the language most often used in medicine, business, and international communications. 

What is the benefit of studying in Kansas City?
With more than 2.3 million people, Kansas City is large enough to have many interesting places to visit such as museums, amusement parks, lakes, shopping malls, movie theaters, concerts, professional sports teams and more.  Standard American English (SAE) is spoken in Kansas City, so you learn the English used most often by people in the U.S. and on TV. 

What is the benefit of studying at Avila University ?
You will receive lots of personal attention and help from your instructors at Avila. The personal attention and small class sizes will be very helpful as you learn a new language and culture.  Furthermore, Avila has many popular undergraduate and graduate programs.

Theatre Performance by Avila StudentsWhat kind of fun activities can I do at Avila?
Students at Avila do all kinds of fun activities.  Students can go to plays, shows, sporting events, dances, clubs, and more.  You will be able to watch or participate in soccer, baseball, softball, American football, volleyball, and basketball.  Avila offers many clubs that students can be a part of, including the International Student Organization.

Will I adjust to life in the United States and Avila?
You can adjust to life in the United States.  You should try to be active once you arrive and go to all your classes and participate in as many campus activities as you can.  It will help you meet new people and better understand U.S. culture. 

Where can I live when I study at Avila?
Most international students live in the dormitories while they study at Avila.  Living in the dormitories is a good way to meet new friends, participate in campus activities, and adjust to campus life in the U.S.   Students who are under 21 typically need to live in the dormitory.  Students who are 21 or older may occasionally live off-campus in one of the apartment complexes close to Avila.  

I want to stay at Avila during the breaks.  Will the dormitories be open?
Avila's dormitories are open all year including all holidays.  In addition, an Avila staff member is always on duty in the dormitories.

Computer ClassroomWill I be able to use a computer and send and receive e-mails at Avila?
Students can use a computer as well as send and receive e-mails in Avila's computer labs.  In addition, if you have your own computer, each dormitory room is connected to the Internet. 

Is it necessary for me to have health insurance?
You will need health insurance if you are a student at Avila.  Health costs in the U.S. are very expensive.  You must buy health insurance through Avila. Health insurance in the U.S. is about $100 per month for students.  

I have taken several classes at a school in my country.  Will these classes transfer to Avila?  
Normally, classes that you have taken at an accredited university/college will transfer to Avila.  Many of these classes, however, may transfer as electives unless the classes that you have already taken are similar in content and contact hours to Avila's classes. 

I want to study ESL before working on my degree.  Is it possible to also take some non-ESL classes at the same time?
Students in Avila's ESL program are able to take up to 7 credits (1-2 courses) of non-ESL classes while studying ESL.  This allows you to work on your degree while you improve your English. You can also take only ESL classes if you want.

How do I apply to Avila to become a student?
In order to apply to Avila, click here: Apply Online. Click the "+ International" purple drop down bar, then click on the Apply Now gray button. After you complete this application, you will also need to email a copy of your school transcripts, a bank statement showing you have sufficient funds to attend Avila, and a copy of your passport.  If you do not want to study ESL first, you will also need to send a copy of your TOEFL score. You may send these documents to Pam Sparks at international@avila.edu.

Is it too late for me to apply?
Please e-mail Kate Austin with questions about deadlines.  We try to handle applications very quickly so there may be time for you to come to Avila even if you apply late.  Students who wish to study ESL may come to Avila at numerous times throughout the year.

How do I get to Avila once I arrive at the airport? 
You should purchase a plane ticket from your country to Kansas City International Airport.  Please provide us with your airline, flight number, and the day and time of your arrival.




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