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International Student Services

Intensive Language &
Culture Program (ILCP)


ESL Program Costs

Students in Avila’s ESL program are part of Avila’s community.  In addition to studying English in class, you are able to sign up for tutoring help.  There are also many activities and events available on Avila’s campus that you can join. 


ESL Tuition

$5,225 each semester

Student Activity Fee

$125 each semester

Technology Fee

$350 each semester

There are additional costs for books, personal expenses and health insurance



Avila University has several room choices.  Dormitories and residence halls have between one and three students staying in each room.  Some types of rooms fill up quickly.  Therefore, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible in order to get the type of room that you want. 


Dormitory/Residence Hall

$1,425 to $2,550 each semester

Food (Board)

$1,300 to $2,000 each semester





Contact us at international@avila.edu or 816-501-3772