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Because career preparation is important to every student, history faculty at Avila aim to provide pre-professional experience before the student leaves the classroom. Assignments in Avila history classes balance the traditional assignments like book reviews and term papers that build communication and information processing skills with projects that mirror the workplace. Students may also use their historical knowledge to create a brochure, design an exhibit, or produce a video. Faculty also assist students who plan a career in teaching by helping them to prepare teaching units while still in the classroom and by providing feedback and assistance during their student teaching experience. In their senior capstone course, history majors not only exercise their mastery of the field by producing and presenting a work of original scholarship but practice writing resumes and interviewing for jobs as well. No matter the student's career destination, the history program works to provide practical applications of coursework that prepare the student for today's workplace.


Senior Thesis

German Expressionism-Brave New Art for a Brave New World. By History student Liesl Montgomery.

german expressionismSpawned by a German youth culture with revolutionary ideas and new ideals, this vibrant, emotive, controversial new art and its creators entered the political arena of post-World War I Germany. As the artists accepted the responsibilities they earned as political entities, so too did they have to accept the consequences. One such consequence was persecution by the Nazi totalitarian regime. Despite the attempted annihilation, German Expressionism remained then (and now) proof of the then newfound power of art to affect society. This paper explores the lives and art of German Expressionists such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wassily Kandinsky, and Oskar Kokoschka from the rise of Expressionism in Germany in the early part of the twentieth century to its ultimate persecution in the Entartete Kunst(Degenerate Art) exhibit of 1937.

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