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The Hindu and the Cowboy

The Hindu and the Cowboy

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Monday, October 8
Orscheln Chapel in Foyle Hall



Media Contact
Bob Luder, Public Relations Specialist at bob.luder@avila.edu or 816-501-2434

The Hindu and the Cowboy is a one-act play inspired by stories of Kansas City-area residents that gives voice to people of many faith and cultural traditions and the experiences that shaped their lives. It is a valuable experience for preparing students of many disciplines to expand awareness of diverse worldviews, build understanding and appreciation, and gain insight on interacting effectively with individuals of different life experiences and perspectives. The production has received awards from the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, Institute of Interfaith Dialogue, Crescent Peace Society and Missouri Association of Social Welfare.

Meet neighbors you never knew before:

  • A Native American and her struggle with a faith imposed by others.
  • A Hindu and his surprise encounter with a Kansas cowboy.
  • A young Muslim’s confrontation with a New York City firefighter.

The one-hour play will be followed by a question-and-answer session with the playwright and actors.

The play is sponsored by Avila University’s Campus Ministry & Mission Effectiveness and is held in conjunction with the Festival of Faiths, which advances interfaith activity and relationship building, celebrating opportunities to listen, understand and experience rich and wide-ranging spiritual and cultural traditions practiced in our community.