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Graduation Honors

Graduation honors are awarded for baccalaureate degrees only. Honors for the first baccalaureate degree will be based on all work completed, including transfer work. Honors for the second baccalaureate degree will be based on Avila University work only. Students must have completed at least 64 hours of coursework at Avila after the completion of the first degree to be eligible for honors.

Graduation honors are based on the cumulative grade point average as follows:
Summa cum laude ............. 3.900 – 4.000
Magna cum laude............... 3.700 – 3.899
Cum laude .......................... 3.500 – 3.699

Honors announced at the graduation ceremony will be based on the work completed the fall semester prior to May graduation. If a student did not attend the fall semester, the announced honors will be based on the grade point average from the last semester of attendance prior to the fall semester.

Official honors will be recorded on the student’s diploma and transcript. Official honors are based on the final grade point average after the last semester of coursework is completed. Official honors may be different than those announced at graduation ceremony if a student’s grade point average changes the status during the last semester of coursework.