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Master of Science in Psychology

The Master of Science in Psychology from Avila University is a 36-credit degree program that provides students with a solid foundation in psychology. The degree program offers students an in-depth survey of the diverse research, theory, and practices of psychology’s many sub-disciplines. The program is designed for students preparing to apply for doctoral programs and for students interested in working in non-clinical settings.

The MS in Psychology degree program has two tracks: research and general. Both degree programs require a set of core courses that cover foundation components of psychology and statistical research design. The research track utilizes additional coursework with hands-on research to prepare students planning for advanced study in psychology. Both tracks are available to those students who are interested continuing their education in psychology in a non-clinical path.

Program Requirements - Total of 36 credit hours

Core Courses - 18 Hours

PY 612 Advanced Cognitive Processes

PY 617 Research Design and Analysis I

PY 621 Advanced Developmental Psychology

PY 627 Research Design and Analysis II

PY 650 Biological Bases of Behavior

PY 655 Advanced Social Psychology

Research Concentration

PY 637 Research Design and Analysis III

PY 647 Research Experience (2 hours)

PY 697 Master's Thesis (6 hours)
  Electives 7 hours
                                                                                                                                                 General Concentration

PY 699
Master's Project
15 hours


For course descriptions, please view the graduate catalog.