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Student Teaching / Internship Mandatory Withdrawal Policy


Criterion: All undergraduate and graduate certification education students.

Policy Statement(s): 

  1. If a student does not receive a grade of C or better, receives a NC or is withdrawn from student teaching (ED 495/595)/internship (ED 596,598), the student may retake the class one time. The student must reapply to student teaching/internship and also provide evidence of his/her ability to succeed. The faculty of the School of Education will review the application and evidence and inform the student of the decision. The decision of the faculty is final.


  1. If a student wants to retake Student Teaching/Internship after the student has been withdrawn by Avila or failed, the student must complete all paper work and write a letter to the Dean of the School of Education. This letter will give detailed evidence of the student’s ability to succeed in the class.
  2. The School of Education faculty will determine whether or not the student will be allowed to retake Student Teaching/Internship.
  3. The decision of the faculty will be final.
  4. The Dean of the School of Education will notify the student of the faculty’s decision.

Office—Person(s) Responsible for Implementation/Enforcement:  Dean, School of Education