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Teacher Assistance / Paraprofessional Student Teaching Policy


Criterion: All graduate teacher education students who are employed full-time as a paraprofessional.

Policy Statement(s): 

  1. Under the rule for clinical experiences for preservice teachers as defined by the state of Missouri:  (5 CSR 80-805.040)

    Each institution of higher education offering professional education program(s) for teacher certification shall require preservice teacher education students to complete clinical and other field experiences under the supervision of a qualified cooperating teacher and a qualified clinical faculty member from the institution’s professional education program in accordance with rules promulgated by the board, with the following exception:

Programs having preservice teacher education students who have been employed in public or accredited nonpublic schools for at least two (2) years as teacher assistants shall accept such experiences in lieu of the conventional student teaching requirement if the following conditions listed below are met.

  • The preservice student’s experience as a teacher assistant was concurrent with the student’s participation in the professional education program and in the same content area and grade range for which the student is seeking certification.
  • The teacher assistant shall have conducted teaching activities comparable to those required for other preservice education students in conventional student teaching placements and demonstrating similar competencies.
  • The teacher with whom the teacher assistant served meets the qualifications for a cooperating teacher, as defined by:
    • A teacher with at least three (3) years experience in a public or accredited nonpublic school setting, having professional classification certification in the content area and grade range being taught.
    • The teacher with whom the teacher assistant serves must provide verification of these qualifications in writing during the first semester of the teacher assistant’s coursework at Avila.


  1. The Avila student intending to utilize this policy must inform the School of Education in writing verifying concurrent employment as a teacher assistant and an Avila student.  The verification must include a letter form the principal of the student’s place of employment with the teacher assistant’s content area and grade range as well as the principal’s permission for the student to be enrolled in the program.  This information must be provided during the first semester of the teacher assistant’s program.
  2. The teacher assistant must meet the same student teaching requirements as the other preservice teachers.  This includes the Teacher Work Sample, student teaching log and reflections.  These documents will be evaluated by the same instruments as other student teachers.  It is the responsibility of the teacher assistant to obtain the requirements and create the necessary assignments.  The due date will be during the final semester of the teacher assistant’s coursework at the same time as the traditional student teachers.

Office—Person(s) Responsible for Implementation/Enforcement:  Director of Graduate Education