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Student Teaching Placement Policy


Criterion: All undergraduate and graduate students who plan to student teach.

Policy Statement(s): 

  1. Although the assignment of student teachers is the final responsibility of the School of Education, students may submit choices for each student teaching placement.
  2. When selecting a student teaching site, the following guidelines should be noted:
    • The cooperating teacher shall have a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience and be certified in the teaching field and area for which the student teacher is seeking certification.
    • The cooperating teacher shall have expressed a willingness to act as a mentor.
    • The cooperating teacher should not be a relative, close friend or neighbor of the student teacher.
    • Students are not permitted to student teach in a school where they have previously taught, or have worked as a teacher’s aide, coach, etc.
    • Students are encouraged not to student teach in a school district where a relative is either enrolled or employed.
    • Students may be placed in a student teaching position in various cooperating school districts located within a 40-mile radius of Avila University.  If a student wishes to student teach outside of Avila’s placement area, the student must write a letter requesting the long distance placement.  The letter of request must be submitted at the time the student submits the application for student teaching/internship.  The letter will be brought to the School of Education meeting and the faculty will make the decision concerning the request.  The decision of the faculty is final.  If approved, a distance fee will be assessed.
  3. It is strongly advised that other courses not be taken during student teaching.  If a class must be taken, this notation should be made on the student teaching application, listing the day and hours of the class.  Permission must be obtained from the Dean of Education to take more than one course during student teaching.


  1. In some school districts, the school principal and/or cooperating teacher may require a personal interview with the prospective student teacher before approving final placement.  If so, the student will receive notification directly from the district or school.
  2. After all criteria have been confirmed, approval for student teaching has been granted and materials have been processed for student teacher placement, the student teacher placement administrative assistant will notify each student of his/her placement(s) in writing. The cooperating teacher receives a letter with a copy of the student's credential file and a copy of Avila's student teaching policies.  Students must enroll in student teaching through the University’s registration procedure for the semester in which they student teach.
  3. Student teachers who are participating in only one placement (i.e. elementary education majors, middle school majors and most secondary students) are to student teach for ten (10) weeks (50 full days of student teaching). 
  4. Students doing more than one placement (i.e. special education majors and some secondary students) will student teach in two 8- week (40 day) placements.
  5. Professional development days and snow days do not count toward the required number of teaching days.  The student teacher is expected to attend the whole day, each day school is in session during the student teaching period and for any professional evening or weekend functions normally attended by the cooperating teacher.  The Director of Field Experiences must approve any deviation from this schedule in advance.  Violations or frequent absences can adversely affect the student teacher's final evaluation.  Holidays to be observed will be those of the cooperating school, not those of Avila University.
  6. After notice of the student teaching placement has been received by the student, an appointment should be made with the cooperating teacher to discuss classroom activities, student teaching and Teacher Work Sample.

Office—Person(s) Responsible for Implementation/Enforcement:  School of Education, Field Experience Office