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Cooperating Teacher Policy


Criterion: All teachers assigned by area districts to act as a cooperating / supervising teacher to the student teacher.

Policy Statement(s): 

  1. The cooperating teacher must have at least 3 years experience teaching.
  2. As a professional teaching model, the cooperating teacher provides instruction and feedback on a daily basis.
  3. The cooperating teacher will:
    1. familiarize the student teacher with available resources for effective planning and presentation of lessons.
    2. has the legal and moral responsibility for the class and is in close touch with the activities of the classroom at all times.
    3. is directly responsible for the student teacher.
    4. assists the student teacher in meeting University standards and expectations for the student teaching experience
    5. advise/assist the student teacher in planning a Unit of Study required for the Teacher Work Sample from the student teaching experience (including pre- , during and post- assessments of student learning)
    6. conference frequently with the student teacher regarding lesson plans (long-term and daily) and approve written plans.
    7. gradually delegate responsibility to the student teacher leading to his/her assumption of full responsibility for the class.
  4. The cooperating teacher empowers the student teacher by:
    1. providing a specific work area to be used by the student teacher.
    2. preparing the class for arrival of the student teacher by referring to him/her as a co-worker or as another teacher.
    3. acquainting the student teacher with classroom materials:  textbooks, curriculum guides, media sources, etc.
    4. informing the student teacher of school policies and procedures, including health and safety issues and disciplinary guidelines.
    5. familiarizing the student teacher with district philosophy, goals and curriculum.
    6. supporting the student teacher in meeting the expectations of the University in lesson planning, unit planning, pre- and post-assessment, and in meeting standards of professionalism required by Avila University
  5. If, for any reason, the welfare or progress of the class is inhibited by the student teacher, the cooperating teacher has the option and responsibility to resume complete control of the class and to notify the University Supervisor at once.


  1. Cooperating teachers will receive electronically the cooperating teacher handbook from Avila’s Field Experiences office.
  2. University supervisors ensure policies are being met and provide support to the cooperating teacher throughout the student teaching experience.

Office—Person(s) Responsible for Implementation/Enforcement:  Director of Field Experiences -- School of Education