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Advanced Internship Policy


Criterion: Graduate Certification students who have earned an academic degree, completed all coursework for certification except internship, and are employed full-time as a lead teacher in the content area and grade level for which certification is being sought.

Policy Statement(s): 

  1. Students must enroll in Advanced Internship provided they have completed Beginning Internship.
  2. The district in which the student is teaching will sign an Internship Placement Agreement, which states some of the responsibilities of the school district and Avila.


  1. When an Avila student qualifies for an internship (see above criteria), the district representative is asked to sign an Internship Placement Request, which lists vital information regarding the placement. The intern will sign the agreement to accept the placement and the Avila representative also signs agreeing to provide supervision for the placement.
  2. The teaching intern will be supervised by a university supervisor in addition to any mentoring provided by the school. Throughout the internship, the intern will receive regular, continuous supervision and counseling by the university representative, mentor, and occasionally the administrator.

Office—Person(s) Responsible for Implementation/Enforcement:  Director of Graduate Education and Director of Field Experiences / Avila University’s Graduate School of Education