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Final Clinical Experience / Education Internships


  "Avila University provided me with the best possible student teaching experience. My University supervisor and the entire faculty were a constant source of knowledge, support, and encouragement. I felt confident and prepared each day that I stepped into the classroom."

Steve Parker
Center High School
  "Through Avila, I had many opportunities to spend time in school observing and learning from students, teachers and staff, which positioned me for success in teaching. Avila instructors model the knowledge and skills every successful teacher needs."

Felis Campbell Jennings
Central Middle School

Education Internships and Final Clinical Experience information and applications provided by the Graduate School of Education.

Final Clinical Experience

Co-teaching in student teaching is the clinical, capstone experience for all Avila teacher candidates. Teacher candidates are placed in school districts of the student's choice (if possible) to collaboratively plan lessons and apply teaching skills under the supervision and assistance of a cooperating teacher. All final clinical experiences are supervised by an Avila University supervisor. Graduate Certification teacher candidates complete a total of 12 weeks to fulfill their requirements for final clinical experience.


Internship/Advanced Internship teacher candidates are graduate certification students who are employed as full-time lead teachers in the proper certification area (content and grade level).  Avila University does not find jobs for individuals who want to intern.

To apply for Internship/Advanced Internship, please go to the Forms and Policies page and complete the application. Application deadlines can be found on this page also.


To apply for Final Clinical Experience, please got o the Forms and Policies page and complete the application. Application deadlines can be found on this page also.