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Avila's Green Initiatives

Avila has several Deffenbaugh Recycling containers around campus

Removes diseased trees

Reuses grass, leaves and mulch when possible

Utilizes moisture sensors to prevent overwatering with the sprinkler systems

Grinds old asphalt for reuse on campus

Yearly maintenance on roofs to sustain energy efficiency and life of roof

Uses carpet composed of recyclable and reclaimed materials

Utilizes compact fluorescents

Avila copy rooms and small restrooms have occupancy sensors

Installing more hand dryers which produce less waste

Cleaning crew uses green certified chemicals when available

Paint, scrap metal and batteries are recycled

Uses LED Exit lights for greater light output and longer lasting

Washing machines are more energy efficient and utilize less water per cycle

Shower heads and faucets have been replaced with higher efficiency ones

Blinds are used for temperature control and energy savings

Newer windows have double pane glass