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Courses codes:
   IS - Interdisciplinary Studies
   IS/PL - Interdisciplinary crosslisted with Philosophy
   IS/RS - Interdisciplinary crosslisted with Religious Studies
   PY - Psychology

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IS 337 Tropical Culture & Nature, A History of Invasions

Using a combination of a 10-day trip to a tropical location (such as Hawaii or the Bahamas) and classroom experiences at Avila both before and after the trip, this interdisciplinary course will examine the cultural and natural history of the selected tropical location. During the tropical location field experience, students will engage in both biological and social research experiences. Students will study the biology and geology of the tropic location and the surrounding Coral Sea environment. In addition, students will examine the tropical location's past, present and future, with an emphasis on the cultural diversity of its residents. (3, CORE III)

IS 344 Music & Politics

Musical works representative of folk, popular, and refined art idioms will provide subject matter for analysis and discussion of the following: Conceptualizing the distinct nature of music from other art forms and human activities, the role of emotion in music an politics, the political use of music and the musical representation of politics and political action as well as the possibility of music effecting social and political relations. Prerequisite: 3 credits of Level II Philosophy within the 15 credits required to enroll in CORE III. (3, CORE II and CORE III)  Link to course blog

IS 357 Urban Culture

Travel to an identified city and encounter the cultural spaces through exploring local art museums, engaging with the architecture, studying the local film and music venues, and experiencing the ethnic enclaves as a way to learn about the culture of urban spaces and the interaction of art and environment. Students will be expected to integrate, synthesize, and communicate knowledge from the disciplines of communication and art + design. (3, CORE III)  Link to course blog

IS/PL 358 Violence

A multidisciplinary investigation into acts and relations of social and political violence. This investigation may focus within the following arenas: The social phenomena of violence and power; the extent of its moral justifiability, political legitimacy, and practical efficacy; the reality and responsibilities of perpetrators, victims, and others; and, the place that violence occupies within individual and national identities. An off-site travel component is required. (3, CORE III)  Link to course blog

IS/RS 360 Issues of Social Justice

Drawing from the perspectives of Catholic Social Teaching and Social Work practice, this course explores the concept of social justice and examines the intercultural skills needed to address issues of social justice with individuals and communities. Through a cultural immersion experience abroad, students will be engaged with local communities and participate in community- based learning opportunities in order to develop, practice and assess the intercultural skills needed in working towards social justice on a local- global scale. (3, CORE II, CORE III)  Link to course blog

IS 362 The "Art" of War

Using an interdisciplinary methodology drawing upon the expertise from the disciplines of English and visual design, this course develops students' ability to see beyond the surface meaning of works of art in order to develop an understanding of the ways in which art is used to both clarify and confuse the issues behind war in modern America. Students will explore several rhetorical theories and apply them to a variety of genres including art, architecture, film, literature, and posters. Key components of this course are a reconsideration of what should be properly considered "propaganda" and a focus on the moral and ethical implications inherent in creating art in service to a political/national cause. Travel to Washington, D.C. required. (3, CORE III)  Link to course blog

PY 380/680 Cultural Psychology

The purpose of this course is to expose you to the world of psychology as it exists for everyone else but you. Through readings and discussions, you will discover how everything from sociocultural development to the self/identify to memory and perception interact with cultural processes. We will end the semester with a trip to London, England—one of the most multi-cultural cities on our planet. (3, CORE III)