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Avila educates individuals, many of whom are first generation college students, who have differing levels of exposure to other cultures. It is especially important to Avila's mission to ensure that our graduates have a competitive advantage in the global economy and are able to make responsible, life-long contributions to their world. Through programs and activities reflecting the mission and heritage of Avila University, the Center for Global Studies and Social Justice strives to be a leader in educating for active participation in a socially just society.


Justice & Peace International Commission of the Global Sisters of St. Joseph Community
At the United Nations, representatives of religious communities are calling upon their members to use their corporate leverage at the UN, to call for systemic change for social and sustainable development with their national and local governments, with businesses and organizations. The International Justice and Peace Commission of the Sisters of St Joseph will be meeting at the United Nations in May 1, 2014 to find ways that to respond to this call as the global family of St Joseph.


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The Center's director, Dr. Ken Parsons is an attendee at this event. Follow his updates on our Facebook page.

Spring 2014 Study Away

PY380/680Cultural Psychology
DECEMBER 27, 2014-JANUARY 6, 2015
IS/PL 358 Violence
MAY 16-24
IS 366 Food and Culture
MAY 13-20

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May 2014 Service Engagement to Ecuador.
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Why Be an Earth When You Can Be A God?, Dr. Monica R. Miller, March 4, 7:00 PM- Whitfield Center



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