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Outcomes for Global Studies & Social Justice

Through research, writing and experiential learning, students will:

Globalize perspective
Gain knowledge of different perspectives in terms of religion, natural science, health science, social science, the humanities and the arts
Understand how location and culture help to determine our worldview
Understand the impact of geography, history and economics on the current structures of power and privilege
Communicate using existing resources and evolving technologies to facilitate collaboration within and between our global communities
Gain knowledge of a second language
Interact with people from diverse cultures and gain insight from their point of view
Understand the meaning, implications, and consequences of social justice from a local to global scale
Advocate for a socially just global society
Acknowledge and assume responsibility for the ethical consequences of individual and collective action
Integrate learning into action and promotion for peaceful resolution to conflict
Shape policies that promote global economic development
Advocate against Prejudice, Poverty, Privilege and Oppression