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phonathon studentsTwice a year, your phone may ring with an Avila student on the line. These dedicated students are known as the Avila Eagle Callers. Avila’s Phonathon program is special because Avila uses its own students and 100 percent of donations raised support student scholarships. Avila’s Eagle Callers are invested in their conversations with alumni, many learning more about the university, its history, and even their majors.

Financial support of the phonathon allows Avila to extend the reach of scholarship support. At Avila, we strive to give students, of all abilities, ethnicity, backgrounds and income levels – an affordable values-based education. Your gift to the phonathon extends the reach of scholarships to guarantee that our student body defines itself by potential, not economic factors.

If you would like to receive more information or have questions concerning the phonathon, contact Bailey Carr: bailey.carr@avila.edu or 816-501-3780.