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Centennial Initiatives

Your Support Opens Doors of Scholarship, Leadership
and Service

Visit each Initiative below and learn how you can open doors of scholarship, leadership and service for Avila students.initiatives

Sisters of St. Joseph Heritage, Spirituality and Service

Transformational Learning Environment

Global Community

Creative Arts

Future Healthcare Leaders

Campus Life


Join us in the mission of transforming lives.

For nearly a century, Avila University has been making a difference in the lives of students from around the corner and around the world. Driven by our mission to provide a high-quality, values-centered education inclusive of all, Avila provides much more than a Catholic academic environment. We are strongly committed to the continual growth of the whole student - mind, spirit and body.

Avila’s six Centennial Initiatives are not stand-alone, rather, like an intricate pattern of lace, they weave the values and characteristics that together make us Avila University. The Initiatives will transform Avila’s educational, spiritual and physical environment and increase our ability to prepare students to be inspired, insightful, inclusive, innovative, influential and integrated – characteristics of a true Avila graduate.

As we approach our 100th anniversary, we are calling on you to be a modern lace maker, like the original six Sisters who came to America in 1836 and eventually founded our University, so that together we can inspire our students to transform the world and usher in Avila’s second century of unparalleled education and service.