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Centennial Initiatives

Future Healthcare Leaders Initiative

Avila University has a rich history in the health services, and remains at the forefront of innovative nursing, radiologic science, kinesiology and pre-health educational opportunities for future doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. Our curriculum prepares students to be influential healthcare leaders of the future by focusing on hands-on experience. The Future Healthcare Leaders Initiative will help accommodate more qualified students and help provide the latest technology students require to be effective healthcare providers in a 21-century workforce. This initiative will expand nursing and health sciences program to meet the growing demand for healthcare providers

Key components include:

  • Renovate O’Rielly Hall
  • Expand Avila’s traditional BSN program
  • Create a new RN to BSN degree completion program
  • Secure state-of-the-art equipment for nursing, radiologic science and other health sciences research
  • Increase endowed scholarships
Avery - Leader in Healthcare

"What made Avila attractive was that it was a small place in a big city. You knew and were friends with everybody, and there were endless options of things to do. As student senate president, I had to advocate for the needs of the student body. Looking back, those skills served as a springboard to becoming a family medicine physician, a servant to my patients."

Avery Abernathy, D.O.
Completes his residency at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in July, 2014.

To learn more about how you can support this initiative at Avila University, please contact Deanna Nelson, senior director of development - major gifts, at 816.501.2435 or deanna.nelson@avila.edu.