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Transfer Scholarships and Grants

Transfer scholarships and grants from Avila University are offered based on your college success up to this point. Most of our transfer students qualify for a scholarship up to $10,000 per year which makes the valuable Avila experience affordable! Avila has a long tradition of serving transfer students, in fact, nearly one-third of our new students each year transfer to Avila from another college.

Questions? Call us at 816.501.2400.

Courtney Dotson "Avila is one of the most generous schools when it comes to scholarships and making it affordable."

Courtney Dotson
Transferred in fall 2012 from a local university


Avila Transfer Achievement Scholarship

Amount Awarded: Provides up to $9,000 annually (See Grid Below )
Requirements: Must be admitted to Avila University.
GPA Academic Award
3.25+ $9,500
2.75 - 3.24 $8,500
2.25 - 2.74 $7,500

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Award

Amount Awarded: Provides up to $1,000 annually.
Requirements: Students maintaining membership in Phi Theta Kappa..


Avila A+ Continuation Grant

Amount Awarded: Provides up to $500 annually
Requirements: Completion of the Missouri A+ Program in high school.


Avila Mission Grant

Amount Awarded: Provides up to $1,000
Requirements: Dependents or siblings of Avila alumni or of current Avila students or dependents of lay employee or a nephew/niece of a religious employee who is engaged full-time in a catholic ministry.

Performance Grant

Amount Awarded: Amount varies.
Requirements: Demonstrate talent or interest in advertising, art, athletics, athletic management, campus ministry, communication, kinesiology, mock trial, music, newspaper, theatre, video production or writing. Contact Performance Grant sponsor or coach for additional information.


Avila Grant

Amount Awarded: Amount varies based on financial need.
Requirements: Must have filed FAFSA and maintain good academic standing.


Federal and State Aid

Federal Aid: Federal student aid info
State Aid: Missouri aid info


Transfer scholarships and grants become official when a student has been admitted, received a comprehensive financial aid award letter and returned a signed copy of that letter to the Office of Financial Aid. All Avila financial aid is renewable as long as a transfer student is enrolled full-time, meets renewal criteria and/or continues to demonstrate financial need. The value of an academic merit scholarship is determined at the time of a transfer student's admission to the University. Transfer students may qualify for the following transfer scholarships and grants to assist with financing an Avila education. All transfer scholarships and grants are based on available funding.