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Caution: Scholarship applications that require payment or personal account information are generally scams and should be avoided. Avila University doe not endorse any of the following scholarships.

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Outside Scholarships:



Rewarding Students Who Will Make the US Better Scholarship -- deadline November 21, 2014

In a concise 200 word essay, share how your degree will help you to create a positive change in America. Amount of Award: $1500

CleanItSupply.com $1000 Scholarship Contest -- deadline November 21, 2014

Submit an essay based on a given prompt relating to cleaning or a clean up project. Amount of Award: $1000


CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship -- deadline November 25, 2014

In an essay or video, discuss a topic you are passionate about learning. Amount of Award: $1000

Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship--deadline November 30, 2014

Applicants will be judged based on the completion and submission of a personal marketing package promoting themselves. This package will include a business card, brochure, poster, and flyer. View website for more information! Amount of Award: $1000

Capital for Merchants Scholarship Essay Contest -- deadline November 30, 2014

Submit a 200-300 word essay about what you think the future of small business financing willlook like for a chance to win! Amount of Award: $ 2,000

ItaliaRail Scholarship Program -- deadline November 30, 2014

Studying abroad in Italy this spring? Apply for a scholarship! Amount of Award: $1000 (2 available)

North American Bancard Scholarship Contest -- deadline November 30, 2014

Write a 200-300 word essay comparing traditional credi card processing solution with new solutions like PayAnywhere Storefront. discuss the specific advantages or disadvantages for both businesses and consumers. Amount of Award: $2,000


See Through Canoe Scholarship -- deadline November 30th, 2014

For students demonstrating a passion and committment to a career in Forestry or Environmental Resources. Amount of Award: $1000

PayAnywhere Scholarship Contest--deadline November 30, 2014

Write a 200-300 word essay about how you think mobile credit card processing, specifically the ability for merchants to accept credit on a smartphone, will affect the payment processing industry. focus on the advantages and disadvantages for both businesses and consumers. Amount of Award: $2,000

Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Law Scholarship for Child Advocates -- deadline November 30, 2014

Choose from one of the essay topics about being a child advocate and submit an essay between 500 and 1000 words. Amount of Award: $1,000




BistroMD Diet Delivery Scholarship -- deadline December 1, 2014

What do you think is the largest contributing cause of obesity in the US and why? A short essay on this topic and an anonymous survey are all it takes to enter. Amount of Award: $500

Design a Shirt, Win a Scholarship Contest--deadline December 1, 2014

Use your creativity to design your own t-shirt and upload it to Facebook. Have your friends and family vote on it and you could win! Amount of Award: $500

Giva Semi-Annual Scholarship -- deadline December 1

How will you use your talents and education to make the world a better place for future generations? What are your career and personal goals and why? Amount of Award: $1000 (one each deadline)

Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship--deadline December 1, 2014

This is your time to be creative! Create a form of social awareness that inspires other students to focus on Looking Twice for Motorcycle Safety. This can be a video, artwork, or essay. View website for more details! Amount of Award: $1,000

PensXpress Progressive Promotion Scholarship Award -- deadline December 1, 2014

Submit an essay demonstrating the use of promotional pens in creative marketing. Amount of Award: $500

The Kiddie Collection Scholarship--deadline December 5, 2014

Whip up an essay about how our scholarship will help you realize your childhood dreams. Amount of Award: Up to $3500

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers' Single Mother Scholarship-- deadline December 5, 2014

Write a 500+ word essay on the advantages of going back to school while caring for your chidlren as mother. How do you believe motherhood has helped prepare you for the challenges that you will face as a student? Amount of Award: $1000


Safety Essay Scholarship -- deadline December 8, 2014

Submit an essay based on one of the given writing prompts about safety. Amount of Award: $1000

Emitations' Women in Business Scholarship -- deadline December 14, 2014

If you could make something more affordable and accessible to the general public, what would it be and why? Amount of Award: $1000

American Residential Warranty Home Warranty Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

Submit an essay based on one of three given prompts about a home. Amount of Award: $1000

CenturyLinkQuote.com Google Fiber Scholarship--deadline December 15, 2014

In 400 words or less tell us whether or not you think we need access to gigabit internet and why it's important. Amount of Award: $1000


Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

Create a poster that raises awareness about cyber bullying. Amount of Award: $1000


Car Covers $1000 Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

Submit an essay based on the topic "How to Make Your Car Last Forever". Amount of Award: $1000

Foreclosure.com Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

How can buyers with checkered pasts best take advntage of the current real estate market conditions? Share how a rent-to-own option might benefit homebuyers. Amount of Awards: $5000 (one available) and $1000 (four available)


Plushbeds Green/Environmental Scholarships -- deadline December 15, 2014

Share an essay about living a green lifestyle. Additional questions to be considered in your essay can be found on the scholarship page. Amount of Award: $1000


USBundles.com The Future of Google--deadline December 15, 2014

Describe what you think the future of internet search will look like 10 years from now. Amount of Award: $1000


AT&T Internet and Education Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

Create an original infographic showing how students utilize social media in and out of the classroom. Amount of Award: $1000


Verizonspecials.com Spring Scholarship -- deadline December 15, 2014

Develop an infographic about how modern students use the Internet compared to other generations. Amount of Award: $1000


eJobApplications Scholarship -- deadline December 20, 2014

Create a YouTube video showing how you use the Internet in your job search and how you'd use the funds if you won. Creativity is key! Amount of Award: $1000

Dentistry Scholarship -- deadline December 21, 2014

In an essay, share what technology you think will reshape the field of dentistry. Amount of Award: $1000

Moriarty's Gem Art Rock Hound Scholarhips -- deadline December 25, 2014

Complete provided survey and submit an essay to be considered for this scholarship. Amount of Award: $500


2015 Healthcare Worker Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

In an essay, share how choosing a career in healthcare can make a positive difference in your community. Amount of Award: $500


A Better America Scholarship Program -- deadline December 31, 2014

Through an essay, share the contribution to American society that you plan to make after graduation. Amount of Award: $1500

ACLS Medical Training Scholarship Program -- deadline December 31, 2014

Open to all college students but focused on those studying a medical field, this scholarship requires a short essay on how you have prepared or responded to a life support-situation scenario. Amount of Award: $1000 (2nd and 3rd place will receive a free pass to a ALCS Medical Training Certification program)


The Best Price Nutrition & Health Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

Complete the nutrition survey for a chance to receive this scholarship! Amount of Award: $1000

Bridgat Scholarships (Graduate and Undergraduate) -- deadline December 31, 2014

Full-time students with a strong cross-cultural focus are encouraged to apply. Graduate applicants must be citizens of Asian countries; undergraduate applicants can be from any nationality. Amount of Awards: $6500 (one, graduate), $4500 (three, undergraduate)

Datatech Labs YouTube Scholarship Challenge -- deadline December 31, 2014

Datatech is looking for someone to create a clever parody about their company, using any hit from the Billboard Top 100. As they put it, "we want you to help make us look good." Amount of Award: $1000

Dentistry at Happy Canyon Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

Do you have awesome daily dental habits? This is the scholarship for you! Share your good practices to enter this competition. Amount of Award: $1500

Dietspotlight.com Scholarship Program-- deadline December 31, 2014

Write a 900 - 1,500 word essay disucssing the relationship between body weight and self-esteem. Four winners will be chosen. Amount of Award: $3,000 ( for one winner) $1,000 ( for three winners)

DIY Instructional Video Scholarship Contest -- deadline December 31, 2014

Tired of writing essays and wishing you could earn money by just, well, being good at something? Here's your chance! Create a Do-It-Yourself video teaching viewers how to complete a household repair task. Make it fun, but educational, and celebrate your skills! Amount of Award: $500


HomeInsurance.com Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

Create an original article based on one of the two provided topics. Amount of Award: $1000

Influence Print Award for Design Excellence Scholarship--deadline December 31, 2014

Submit your best design that promotes something such as: inform of a cause, advertise a product, show off your talent as an artist. Visit website for more information!! Amount of Award: $1000.

In-Home Care Innovation Scholarship--deadline December 31, 2014

Eligible college students may submit a 500-750 word essay on one of the following topics given. Visit website for more details! Amount of Award: $1500


JustNebulizers Respiratory Care Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

Do you have a respiratory condition such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, or COPD? If so, create a video about how your breathing condition has affected who you are and what advise you'd offer others. Amount of Award: $1000

Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

Trayvon Martin's shooting made national headline and the trial following his death was a hot topic. Now that the jury's made their decision, this firm wants to hear from you -- was justice served or miscarried in the case of George Zimmerman vs. The State of Florida? Amount of Award: $3500

The Reeves Law Group Scholarship Contest -- deadline December 31, 2014

Submit a story about a time you stood up for someone who could not stand-up for himself or herself. You may submit this story using powerpoint, video, or any other creative way. Amount of Award: $1000

Sutliff & Stout Scholarship -- deadline December 31, 2014

What creative ideas do you have for ending texting and driving? Dream a product (a car that drains cell phone batteries? A device that blocks tower signals?) and create a prototype of it to enter this potentially life-saving scholarship competition. Amount of Awards: $1000, $500, and $250 (one each)


January 2015


American Bullion Scholarhsip Application -- deadline January 1, 2015

Submit an essay answering the question: "Why is gold a good investment for future generations?" Amount of Award: $500 (five available)


Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law Good Works Scholarship -- deadline January 1, 2014

Submit a letter of intent indicating the applicant's leadership and dedication in giving back to his or her community through community service projects, including projects involving criminal justice issues.

Miller Law Offices Scholarship -- deadline January 1, 2015

Submit an essay on the advantages of going back to school after age 50. Amount of Award: $1000 (two available)


Tapper's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry -- deadline January 1, 2015

In an essay, answer the following prompt: How does current fashion design impact the world of luxury jewelry design? Amount of Award: Grand Prize $1000 & Runner Up $500


Your Journey Ahead Scholarship -- deadline January 1, 2015

In an essay, share you journey in life thus far and how it has prepared you for college. Amount of Award: $1500 gran prize and $500 runner up


Nursing Programs Help Scholarship -- deadline January 10, 2015

In an essay, share your journey to becoming a nurse. Amount of Award: $1500


2015 Richard B. Fisher Scholarship -- deadline January 11, 2015

Sophomores and Juniors interested in Institutional Securities - This scholarship program has been designed to assist Black, Hispanic, Native American and LGBT students with a financial award for exceptional academic achievement and a summer internship with Morgan Stanley. Applicants must complete online application and resume. Amount of Award: $15,000 during junior or senior year in college.


Boling Rice, LLC $1000 Scholarship -- January 15, 2014

Submit an essay based on the given prompt. Amount of Award: $1000


MoversCorp.com Moving Scholarship -- deadline January 15, 2015

Peole move all the time and for many reasons; students are no exception. Everyone has a story and difference experience -- share yours to enter this competition! Amount of Award: $500 (one each semester)

Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest -- deadline January 28, 2015

A chance to earn money by making a difference -- and no boring essay required! Create a three minute (or less) YouTube video raising awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving among your peers. Amount of Award: $1000

The Levin Firm Scholarship--deadline January 31, 2015

Submit a 500+ word essay on the topic provided. Visit website for more details! Amount of Award: $1000 ( two available)


Talbots Women's Scholarship Program -- deadline January 2015 (annual scholarship)

Open to undergraduate women who earned their high school diploma / GED before September 2004, this competitive scholarship reviews academic records, leadership and community involvement, career goals, and financial need. Amount of Award: $30,000 (one available), $5000 (up to 30 available)


March 2015


The Annual Stewart J. Guss College Student Scholarship -- deadline March 1, 2015

To participate in this essay contest, write an essay based on the prompt: "What Law Would Change and Why?" Amount of Award: $1000


Structured Settlement Career Planning Scholarship--deadline March 1, 2015

Write a 650-900 words for the promt, "What Can Colelge Students Do to Improve Their Job Prospects?" Visit website for more details! Amount of Award: 1,000


The OSIAffiliate.com High School and College Writing Scholarships -- deadline March 1, 2015

Submit an essay related to the writing prompt. Two awards available. Amount of Awards: $250-$750


Annual Medical Scholarship for Veterans -- deadline March 15, 2015

Share an essay based on one of the given prompts either about pursuing a career in healthcare or the biggest problems facing the healthcare system today. Amount of Award: $1000


SBO.net Scholarship Program -- deadline March 31, 2015

In an eaasy, asnwer one of the given questions. Amount of Award: $1000


Steamer's Carpet Care Scholarship-dealine March 31, 2015

Students must write a single page 400-600 word essay detailing their reasoning and motivation for pursuing higher education. Amount of Award: $500

Xero's Accounting and Finance Scholarship -- deadline March 31, 2015

What compels you to study accounting, business, and/or finance? What is your end goal and how do you think you will make a difference in this field? A minimum of a 3.5 GPA is required. Amount of Award: $5000


April 2015


ThanksUSA Scholarship--deadline April 1st to May 15th

Student must be a dependent child age 24 or under or be a spouse of U.S. military service personnel. Please submit application and required documentation. Visit website for more details! Amount Award: may vary


Paymaster.co College Networking Scholarship--deadline April 25, 2015

Write a 450-700 word for the prompt, "How to Network While Maintaining a Challenging Course Load." Visit website for more details!! Amount of Award: $500


May 2015

Logistics and Supply Chain Scholarship -- deadline May 15, 2015

Share an essay that answers the explores the following prompt: What technological advanceswould you use to make supply chains more efficient and reduce delivery costs due to rising fuel prices? Amount of Award: Grand Prize $1000 & Runner-Up $500


GreenPal Business Scholarship -- deadline May 30th, 2015

Currently run a small business or have an idea for one? This might be the scholarship for you! Amount of Award: $2000 (paid over 4 semesters)


Rocket 55 Scholarship -- deadline May 31, 2015

Share an essay on one of three topics relating to digital marketing. Amount of Award: $1000


June 2015

2015 Exede Internet Scholarship: The Future of the Internet -- deadline June 1, 2015

Share an essay based on the given prompt about the Internet. Amount of Award: $500


Scholarships for Rural Students -- deadline June 1, 2015

Publish an original essay on any blog or website relating to the prompt of whether you prefer living in the city or country more. Amount of Award: $500


AllJobOpenings.com Working Student Scholarship -- deadlie June 10, 2015

Write an esay of at least 800 words in length and cover the topic of working while in school. Visit the website for more details! Amount Award: $2000


Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship -- deadline June 30, 2015

The Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship is a $1,000 award open to any undergraduate or graduate student. To apply, students must make a creative piece (comic, short film, drawing, poem, etc.) featuring the Dry Defender mascot. Amount of Award: $1000


July 2015


Roosevelt Lovett Memorial Scholarship -- deadline July 7, 2015

Submit an essay based on the given writing prompt. Amount of Award: $750


Safe Driver Scholarship--deadline July 10, 2015

Participate in a Safe Driver Program, crat a form of social awareness that inspires students to focus on safe driving and submit for your chance to win! Visit website for more details!! Amount of Award: $1000


Legal Scholarship 2015 -- deadline July 15, 2015

Are you pursuing a law related degree? This might be the scholarship for you! Amount of Award: $1000


Goedeker's Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship -- deadline July 31, 2015

Submit an essay indicating why attending college and your field of study are important to you. Amount of Award: $500 for books, 2 $100 honorable mention awards


Goedeker's Appliances Annual Public Service College Book Scholarship -- deadline July 31, 2015

Intended for those employed in a public service position. Submit an essay indicating why you deserve to be the scholarship recipient. Amount of Award: $500 for books, 2 $100 honorable mentions


Icing on the Ring Triumph Over Breast Cancer Scholarship -- deadline July 31, 2015

In an essay, answer the prompt: How has breast cancer challenged you to pursue your education goals? Amount of Award: $1000


August 2015


2015 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship -- deadline August 1, 2015

Awarded to an aspiring nurse currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program. Submit an essay about how nurses can make a difference in people's lives. Amount of Award: $1000

The Clubs of America Scholarship Award for Career Success -- deadline August 31, 2015

In an essay, share how your current courses are working toward acheiving your career aspirations. Amount of Award: $1000

September 2015

Karman Healthcare Mobility Disability Scholarship -- deadline September 1, 2015

Submit an essay or poem centered around the theme of why disability awareness is important. Amount of Award: $500 (2 available)


Charles Moo Scholarship -- deadline September 7, 2015

In an essay, share your thoughts on how new businesses can use social media to increase revenue. Amount of Award: $500


October 2015


Financial Success for Single Mothers Scholarship--deadline October 1, 2015

Write 450-700 words for the prompt, "How Can Single Mothers Use Roth IRA's to Enhance Their Financial Position?" Visit website for more details! Amount of Award: $750


Financial Growth for LQBTQ Scholarship--deadline October 15, 2015

Write 450-650 words for the prompt, "Five Ways LGBTQ Students Can Use Linkedin to Enhance Their Financila Position." Visit website for more details!! Amount of Award: $750


November 2015


Icing on the Ring Triumph Over Breast Cancer Scholarship -- deadline November 30th, 2015

In an essay, answer the prompt: How has breast cancer challenged you to pursue your education goals? Amount of Award: $1000

Other Scholarships


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program is open to undergraduates, in good academic standing, who are applying to or have been accepted into a study abroad program eligible for credit by the student's accredited institution of higher education in the U.S. Amount of Award: up to $5000

Gates Millenium Scholars Program

This program selects 1,000 students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice.  Gates Millennium Scholars receive personal and professional development through leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.

Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition

These scholarships are available to assist promising young talents in any field of applied music who may be musical leaders of tomorrow, including instrumentalists and vocalists. Amount of Award: $1000-$4000

Innovation in Education Scholarship--deadline the 20th of every month

Must have designed an innovative project that makes a difference in the lives of others. Write an essay describing the goal of the particular project and provide supporting documentation. Amount of Award: $500

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Women pursuing a business or business-related degree who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field are eligible for this international scholarship. Amount of Award: $1000 or $7000

Missouri Minority Teaching Scholarship

This is a program designed to attract academically talented minority individuals into the teaching profession. Through this program, students enrolled in approved teacher education programs receive loans to assist with educational expenses. For students who meet all of the program's obligations, the loans are forgiven through conversion to a scholarship (gift aid). Award Amount: up to $3000/year

Morris K. Udall & Stewart L. Udall Foundation Scholarship

The Udall Foundation awards up to 80 scholarships to sophomore and junior level college students committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American health care. Amount of Award: $350-$5000

Public Relations Society of America Scholarships

These scholarships are available to students involved with PRSA, public relations, and communication-related fields. Amount of Award: $300-$5000

Rocky Mountain Mattress

Rocky Mountain Mattress is offering an annual scholarship to the winner of the Mark A. Forester essay    contest. Amount of Award: $1000

SpecialCableDeals.com Scholarship Contest

This is an essay contest, created for students to compete for a scholarship for educational expenses at an accredited college or institution of higher learning. Entry is free and eligibility is not dependent upon GPA or financial need. Interested student can write a brief essay on the selected topic. Amount of Award: $1000

Sussle Scholarship -- deadline end of every month

Do you know a lot of stuff? It could finally pay off! This competition -- with no application and no essay -- is all about sharing what you know with the world... and your giving may just give you back a pleasant reward. Check out the website for more information! Amount of Award: $1000

Varsity Tutors Monthly Scholarship -- deadline end of each month

A different essay topic every month means a new chance to win! Respond to the prompt, then promote your response for your chance. Amount of Award: $1000 (monthly)

Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes

When you sign up to receive college tips and tools from Wells Fargo, you’ll automatically be entered in the CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes.  Plus, you’ll get emails with helpful information tailored to you to keep you on track with money management and college planning.  Sweepstakes winners are chosen through random drawings. Amount of Award: $1000 (40 available)