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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


Federal regulations require universities to develop and maintain policies outlining continuing eligibility standards for students receiving financial aid. The Financial Aid Office at Avila University monitors the academic progress of every student at the end of each term to verify they meet federal and university standards. Students failing to meet this satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy may have their financial aid suspended. Any student who fails to meet the following standards will be notified through their Avila University email account and in some instances a letter will also be mailed.

Note: Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid eligibility should not be confused with the University’s Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy.



The Financial Aid office evaluates student progress in three areas, discussed below: Time Frame, Pace, and Grade Point Average. All credits accepted by the university from other institutions will be used to determine eligibility.

Time Frame: Students are eligible to receive financial aid for no more than 150% of the credit hours required for the degree they are actively seeking. This includes all hours attempted regardless of whether a student has ever received financial assistance or completed a prior degree. After completing 125% of these credits, a student will be notified they are nearing their limit and be placed on financial aid warning. After completing 150% of these credits, a student will be placed on financial aid suspension.


Degree Program

Required Credits



Undergraduate degree








Graduate Education




Graduate Psychology




Graduate Counseling








Graduate Management




Teacher’s Certification





Pace: Students are required to complete at least 67% of all courses they are enrolled in at the time aid is disbursed, regardless if these courses are later dropped. Pace is defined as the number of credits earned divided by the number of credits attempted. This is evaluated on both a semester and cumulative level.

Note: Undergraduate students who receive all failing/non-complete grades at the end of any term will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension with no warning period. Graduate students will be placed on financial aid warning the first time they fail to successfully complete a term.


Hours attempted per term

Hours completed per term









Completed Credits

Non-completed Credits

A – Superior

F – Failing

B – Above Average

I – Incomplete

C – Average

W – Withdrawal

D – Below Average

NC – No credit

CR – Credit



Example: If John originally enrolled in 15 hours at the beginning of the semester and received aid at that enrollment level, he would be required to complete at least 9 hours successfully regardless of whether he dropped, withdrew or failed classes. On the other hand, if John originally enrolled in 15 hours and then dropped to 10 before his aid was disbursed, he would only be required to complete 6 hours and his aid would be adjusted to the appropriate enrollment level.


Grade Point Average: The following GPA levels must be maintained through graduation for students to continue meeting SAP:

- Undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher by the time they complete 32 credit hours.

- Graduate students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher beginning with their first course.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid office if they have any grade changes, including a resolved Incomplete.



Financial Aid Warning

Students who do not meet one or more of the SAP standards will be placed on Warning as a notice that their academic work is below the standard. While on Financial Aid Warning a student must receive a 2.0 GPA for the term (3.0 for graduate students) as well as meet the requirements of the pace and time frame standards. If a student corrects the deficiency by grade changes or meeting these standards, they will be removed from warning. Warning status cannot be appealed. Students are still eligible to receive financial aid while on Financial Aid warning status.

Financial Aid Suspension

Students who do not meet the terms of their warning will be suspended and prohibited from receiving future aid until all standards are met. A student on Financial Aid Suspension is not eligible to receive financial aid.

Note: Undergraduate students who receive all failing or incomplete grades or who totally withdraw from classes for the term will automatically be suspended and may be required to return all federal funds.

Appeal for Financial Aid Suspension

Students may appeal financial aid suspensions to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Reasons for an appeal may include, but are not limited to: death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or other special circumstances. An appeal will not be heard if there is an unpaid balance on the student account.

To appeal, a student needs to submit a Financial Aid Appeal form along with a typed appeal letter explaining their situation. Letters of support from doctors, teachers, family members, etc. are encouraged.

All appeal decisions addressed by the committee are final and not subject to further review. Appeals will not be considered for prior semesters. Reinstatement of any aid originally awarded to a suspended student is at the committee’s discretion.

Re-establishing Federal Financial Aid Eligibility

Students with no extenuating circumstances or students with denied appeals may re-establish eligibility for federal financial aid. To re-establish eligibility students must, at their own expense, enroll in and successfully meet all three of the academic progress requirements for an academic term. Once these terms are met the student will need to submit another Financial Aid Appeal.