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State Required Assessments for Educators

All states require a variety of assessments for aspiring teachers as one measure of their knowledge of a specific content area, learning assessment strategies, and appropriate instructional techniques.  In the State of Missouri, these assessments are referred to as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA).

steps toward becoming an Educator

Missouri General Education Assessments (MOGEA)                     REGISTER for MOGEA

The Missouri General Education Assessment (MOGEA) is an assessment of your understanding of general education content areas.  The assessment includes four subtests:  English; Writing; Math; and Science/Social Science.  All undergraduate education majors and minors must pass each section of the MOGEA prior to formal admission to the School of Education.  It is suggested that this test be taken after the candidate has successfully completed 45 semester hours.   The School of Education offers a weekend intensive course, ED 380/580 Test Prep for Teacher Candidates, to help prepare candidates for the MoGEA and/or the Missouri Pearson Content Assessment. See below for more information..


Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)                                                        

The Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) is a web-based assessment completed by all teacher candidates prior to admission to the School of Education.  This profile is used as an advising tool to help teacher candidates further develop the characteristics common among successful educators.  This assessment is integrated into the Practicum course
(ED 185/585). 


Missouri Pearson Content Assessment (MoCA)                                                         
REGISTER for Content Assessments

The content area assessments are exit assessments that must be completed by the candidate in all areas of certification.  The current Content Area Exam utilized by the state of Missouri is the Missouri Pearson Content Assessment. Teacher candidates must take and pass the Content Assessment prior to the final clinical experience.  Click here for more information on which tests to take. For assistance registering for the Content Assessment, click here for a registering tutorial.


Missouri Pre-Service Assessments (MoPTA)

Missouri requires a performance assessment designed to demonstrate performance in content, coursework, and field experiences during the candidates program.  The tasks will focus on the standards and quality indicators for teachers.  This assessment is integrated into the Final Clinical Experience (ED 495).  


Testing Support

Did you know that there is a one-credit weekend intensive course designed specifically for Education students preparing for the MoGEA and/or the Missouri Pearson Content Assessment Check the course catalog for ED 380: Test Prep for Teacher Candidates

Contact Alicia Murillo, School of Education Assessment Coordinator, for more details regarding the state required assessments and testing support.