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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement
The School of Education at Avila University is committed to educating innovative, adaptable, and involved professionals, who will provide service to a diverse and ever-changing population. Through value-based learning and authentic experiences, our graduates will be qualified, ethical, and responsible contributors to the greater society.

The central guiding philosophy for the School of Education at Avila University is the worth and potential of all students. We strive to prepare individuals to be caring, competent, and dedicated professional educators who will provide excellent learning opportunities for their own students. We embrace the values of Avila University in fostering the intellectual, spiritual, and social growth of its members. Avila University provides an academic community dedicated to education in the liberal arts and professional areas, and it promotes community service and life-long learning.

The School of Education reinforces the University's philosophy statement by preparing students for the teaching profession and for other people-oriented professions and careers. School faculty, staff and students strive to become responsible, articulate persons with strong academic preparation, professional competence and dedication to a life of service.