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Suggestions for Comprehensive Documentation
When requesting documentation from your evaluator, make sure of the following items:
  • The information is specific and complete. This will expedite the review of your request.
  • The person providing your information should link assessment reports to specific recommendations and reasonable accommodations. We strongly suggest that evaluators offer concrete examples to help support service decisions and recommendations.
  • Ask questions of your evaluator if you do not understand your diagnosis or condition. Ask specific questions about why the recommendations are made and how they will help you. The more you understand about your disability, the better able you will be to help others help you!
Students must apply for accommodations every semester.
Complete a request form as soon as you enroll for classes,
and AT LEAST one month prior to the start of each semester.

Contents of evaluation
  • An accurate description of your strengths and weaknesses
  • A specific diagnostic statement
  • Documentation of previous services
  • Documentation of previous assessment results
  • A list of all tests used in the evaluation
  • An interpretation of the results of all tests (including specific recommendations)
  • A specific statement of all areas of deficit and how they affect the individual's educational settings
  • A specific statement of the impact of the disability in adult settings for social interactions and how the individual's strengths may offset this impact.
  • A listing of specific instructional strategies and accommodations the individual requires.
  • A listing of areas of strength
Avila University will make the final determination about your accommodations based on the information provided.