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Women’s Studies are a multidisciplinary program at Avila University. The Women’s Studies minor aims to build an awareness of women’s rich history and culture, an understanding of their contemporary status, and a consideration of their future possibilities. Women’s Studies courses are more than simply courses about women. Rather, they exhibit sensitivity to women and women’s issues and contain within them a feminist theoretical framework around which course material is organized. Courses emphasize women’s intellectual and creative contributions and sensitize people to women’s concerns. Taught and taken by women and men, Women’s Studies courses teach the significance of gender in our lives and ability to interpret and study academic disciplines from a feminist perspective.

Women's Studies minors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes:

  1. Describe the experience of women from multiple perspectives of time, place, and the understanding of varied disciplines.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to think, write and speak critically about issues of gender in the contemporary world from the different perspectives of age, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and race.
  3. Articulate an understanding of the impact on society by narrowly defined gender roles.

Eighteen hours in Women’s Studies courses including WS/IS 310. Students choose the remaining 15 hours of WS courses with the advisor’s approval. No more than six hours may be earned from the same discipline.

For courses and course descriptions, please see the Academic Catalog starting on page 118.

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