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Dr. Kristopher Proctor
Chair and Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Justice Studies

Dr. Kristopher Proctor is Chair and Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Justice Studies. His research currently focuses on developing individual-level theories of criminal behavior. He has authored numerous papers on topics within the areas of criminology and organizations, and is currently coauthoring a book on how biology and neuroscience can be employed to generate more robust theories of criminal behavior. He currently teaches courses within the department in criminological theory, the sociology of law, white-collar crime, terrorism, classical sociological theory, organizations/institutions, and statistics.

Dr. Proctor joined the faculty at Avila University in the fall of 2012, having moved to the region following the completion of his postdoctoral training in organizational research in the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. He completed his doctorate at the University of California, Riverside, specializing in criminology and sociological theory, and completed his bachelors degree in sociology at the University of Washington, minoring in society and justice and history.


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