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POLITICAL SCIENCE / PRE-LAW - [ Web site coming this fall ]
The study of Political Science is the study of government and its impact on the human community. The range of analysis includes international, national, state, and local levels of organization as well as the interaction between them. This program prepares the student for entrance into various areas of the political system, the private sector, law and the international community.

The Political Science/Pre-Law major provides an excellent background for students interested in pursuing professional careers within the legal system. According to the American Bar Association there is no set curriculum for student interested in attending law school. Students are admitted to law school with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and college degrees. Consequently, the major in Political Science/Pre-Law or the minor in Pre-Law are not intended to serve as a comprehensive preparation for the rigors of law school. However, there are recommended core skills and values as well as basic areas of knowledge that are helpful to a legal education and to the development of a competent lawyer.

Political Science majors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for political behavior and political institutions in the United States and throughout the world (All PS)
  2. Utilize effective ethical and decision-making skills in personal and professional situations. (all PS)
  3. Effectively employ theoretical, methodological and critical communication knowledge and skills in various situations (PS 230, 397, 495 and SO 360).
  4. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the Law, the courts and the judicial system and apply that understanding to various situations. (PS 231, 232, 334, 340 and 391)
  5. Recognize and appreciate diversity in individuals, cultures and social systems, from local to national to global environments, with the resultant awareness of the social construction of reality. (all PS)


For course requirements and descriptions, please refer to the academic catalog starting on page 96.

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