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In addition to having a Job Search Strategy, doing industry research and having an impeccable résumé, developing a Professional Employment Network is critical to landing a job and managing your career.

Your Professional Employment Network is focused on interactions and relationships of a business nature, relationships that can help you learn more about your industry, identify an internship opportunity or a job opening that matches perfectly with your education and skills.

Building your Professional Employment Network is a process that you can learn and need to master. The myPEN program gives you the tools to do just that. You’ll learn what to do and how to do it in a conversational manner. Learn:

  • Who to ask for advice
  • How to ask for advice
  • Who to ask for opinions
  • How to ask for opinions
  • Who to ask for introductions
  • How to ask for introductions
  • Who to ask for a reference
  • How to ask for a reference
  • How to get the JOB!

dave flandersmyPEN is delivered to you by Dave Flanders, President of Christopher and Long, and a proven KC area job search guru. Dave has taught this job search process to several thousand job seekers and now Avila makes Dave available to you via email and on this site.


You will receive emails from myPEN, open them to learn Dave’s process. Take Action! Dave’s process has resulted in thousands of satisfied job-seekers that are now EMPLOYED!

Here are just a few of what is being said,

“I found the program by Dave Flanders to be a unique way to expand my networking with constructive simple tools which are easy to understand and use, with a hand-on personal focus to help you stand out with anyone you might meet or interact and find in your day-to-day job search.” - AL from Olathe, KS

“This program gave me the boost to earn not only the job, but the recognition I needed to find my place in today’s highly competitive and simply overwhelmed job market. Through development of face-to-face relationships, with prospective employers and taking a proactive approach to my job search, my full time efforts turned into a full time job! Through my job searching I not only landed the job but built lifelong professional connections and networks." - Mackenzie from Overland Park, KS