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Do you have anxiety just thinking about interviewing for a job? 

Let us help by doing a mock interview with you.  We can do mock telephone screens, one-on-one interviews and panel interviews.  We can even videotape the interview so you can see for yourself how you did.  Call Counseling & Career Services at 816.501.2901 to make an appointment. 

To help you prepare for that next interview, click on the following articles:

Interviews: “Hello?”  Telephone interviews and knowing how to answer the call.

Interviews: To-Do Tips  “You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.” — Roger Maris

Interviews: The Art of the Interview  Where credentials, credibility, and confidence create career success.

Interviews: Taboos  Don’t undermine your hiring chances by overlooking what NOT to do.

Interviews: Body of Evidence  Don’t let poor body language kill your interview.

Interviews: Inappropriate Questions  Handling innocent/ignorant/illegal interview questions.

Interviews: Table Manners  Put your fork in your mouth at business lunches, not your foot.

Interviews: Via Virtual Venues Are you ready for your close up?

Elevator Speech: Job Search Infomercial  How to sell yourself in 30 seconds or less.

Understanding and Preparing for Behavioral Interviews

Traditional Questions and Questions You Might Ask an Interviewer

Interview Evaluation Matrix