Avila University

Directions for using Angel


*Note* These instructions have changed as of January 2008.

The Angel Course Management System now uses your Avila Network username and password.  That is the same username and password other campus resources use (Avila Email, CampusWeb, Avila Computers).

Student username format:  lastname + StudentID# (jones11111)
Faculty username format: lastname + first initial + middle initial (jonesjj)

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to login.

REMEMBER!! If you need technical assistance you can:

  1. E-mail support@avila.edu
  2. Fill out the online helpdesk web form at: http://www.avila.edu/support/
  3. Call:

Student phone support:
(Monday - Thursday 8AM to 11PM, Friday 8AM to 6PM, Saturday 10AM - 5PM, Sunday 3PM to 11PM)
(Note: Angel Support hours coincide with the Library hours on holidays and summer hours)

Faculty phone support:
(Monday - Friday 9AM to 3PM)

NOTE: If you have previously bookmarked or saved the Angel Site as a favorite and it no longer works use the "Click here to login" link below and recreate your bookmark after logging in.