Avila University

Campus Reservations

STEP 1: DOWNLOAD this excel form, FILL it out, RETURN it to CAMPUS SERVICES in Whitfield

STEP 2: CLICK HERE to get to the MRM to make your room reservations. You need to fill out the TABLE, CHAIRS, AND SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS as well as reserving the room.


Directions for Using Campus Reservations (MRM)
When needing to reserve a classroom, meeting room, or AV equipment, Avila faculty and staff will now be able to make all reservations through the Campus Reservations site. These directions will walk you through the process using two examples.

Example 1: Jocelyn would like to reserve the Barefoot Room on July 18th between 1-3 PM.
First she will go to the reservation site by opening the Avila webpage, clicking on Faculty & Staff, choosing Online Services> Campus Reservations. Jocelyn will then see a choice of viewing the Campus Reservations Directions or Logging In to Campus Reservations. When she chooses Login to Campus Reservations, she will see the following screen.

Jocelyn can choose the appropriate building by scrolling down to Marian Center, under the Available Locations field (see the Red Circle above).

After clicking on “Marian Center,” Jocelyn will notice the screen has changed to reflect all rooms available in the building. She can then choose the correct day and time for her event. To make this easier, Jocelyn should change the month on the upper left to July and then click on the appropriate date. In this example, that would the 18th. She will then be able to check the box for the appropriate room. (See below screen shot)

Jocelyn can now fill out the remainder of the fields, indicating the Title of the meeting, the name of the Host, etc. If she needed a special room setup, extra tables and chairs, or catering she would be able to click on the appropriate tab just above “Meeting Title” to request those items. When finished she should click on “Save and Close” at the bottom of the screen.

Example 2: Dr. Seuss needs to reserve a mobile AV cart for his class on September 9, from 10-11 AM. His class meets in O’Rielly 203.
Dr. Seuss will go to the Campus Reservation Calendar the same way Jocelyn did in the first example. To get to the AV Carts, he will go to the Available Locations field and scroll all the way to the bottom. He will then be able to choose A/V Equipment. Dr. Seuss will then choose the appropriate date from the calendar, in the upper left corner. The view will change to reflect this date and he can easily see which cart is available in O’Rielly. He will click on the appropriate start time to begin his reservation.

When filling out the reservation screen, Dr. Seuss should make sure that the end time is correct. The system defaults to 15 minutes after the start time. This can be seen in the below image. When finished he should click on “Save and Close” at the bottom of the screen.