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Packing for College

Welcome to Avila University! We know things get hectic as you prepare for your journey to college so we've compiled a list of items that students have found helpful to bring:

Necessary Items

  *Possible Shared Items

  Fun Items

Towels / Washcloths
Hand Soap
Clothes Hangers
Laundry Basket / Hamper
Laundry Detergent & Supplies
X-Long Twin-size Bedding
Dishes: Plates/Cups/Silverware
Storage Containers
First Aid Kit & Medicines
Extension Cords / Power Strip
Can opener

  Small Refrigerator
DVD Player
Game Console
Clothes Iron

*Talk with your roommate if you don't want to double up on these

Coffee Pot
Throw Rugs
Extra Furniture / Futon
Wipe/Erase Board

Pack things in storage boxes

Tips on how to pack for college:

    Don't overpack. You will probably buy things after you arrive at college and see what your room looks like and how much space you have. You and your roommates may also come up with different ideas on how to arrange and decorate your room once you see what others have brought.

    Use your laundry basket as a box for your smaller things to make it easier to carry.

    Pack more things into storage containers instead of garbage bags; you could use the containers as extra storage for your room for things you won't use as often.

Special Note: As many residence hall fires occur because of poor wiring on appliances and overloaded extension cords inside individual rooms, extension cords with built-in circuit breakers are strongly recommended. Extension cords may not be run under carpets or looped over curtains or bed spreads.

Some items not allowed in the residence halls for safety and wellness reasons are as follows:

candles and incense (or anything with an open flame)
pets (that are not fish)
hot plates, electric frying pans, indoor grills (this includes the George Foreman style grills), deep fryers
ceiling fans
space heaters
halogen lamps
firearms or martial arts weapons (or anything that resembles them)
hazardous materials
alcohol/controlled substance signs and other paraphernalia