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Freshman Seminar

Classes may change each year, but you can view what has been offered in the past.

FS 102-02 "Gendered Bodies" (3 credit hours)

Nancy Cervetti, Ph.D.
This course will explore the ways that femininity and masculinity are socially constructed in a number of different
cultures and countries. Through an examination of popular culture, novels, film and biography, students will
discuss the ways the body is shaped into gender through social interactions and within social institutions. Key
themes include the distinction between sex and gender, the ways that gender varies according to race, ethnicity,
nationality and class, and the ways and reasons why different cultures establish, circulate and maintain gender

FS 102-03 "Questioning Technology" (3 credit hours)

Ken Parsons, Ph.D.
This course is a critical examination of the role that technology plays in shaping values, our world and human
nature. Through a variety of readings, film and other media, the course will address the following questions: How are technologies merely tools used by humans and how do humans themselves serve the ends of technology? To what extent are values independent from, but also shaped by, technological developments? Can technology itself better our relationship with the environment and fellow humans and, in fact, should it?

FS 102-04 "Latin American Cinema" (3 credit hours)

Nicole Esquibel, MFA
This introductory course in film studies surveys the film culture of the Latin American countries from the early
silent era through the start of the 21st Century. Together we will examine Latin American cinema as an art form,
an industry and a means of communication. This course explores how films work technically, aesthetically,
economically and multi-culturally. Most of the movies produced in Latin America, however, are not part of an "entertainment" industry. Rather, they tend to be self-reflective, a means though which people seek to understand themselves, their societies and their past. The purpose of this course is to expose you to some of the best Latin American cinema of this kind.

FS 101 01-04 "Successful Transition to a More Global Perspective" (1 credit hour)

Paige Illum, Ph.D.
The goals of this course are to introduce students to the academic and social knowledge, skills, and resources
within the Avila community and to encourage students' personal development through an exploration of personal values, Avila's mission and global issues. Course goals will be achieved through readings, written analysis and discussions. The course is a team-taught seminar involving faculty, staff and undergraduate student mentors.