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The university believes in its responsibility to ensure that each new student is given maximum opportunity to succeed academically, developmentally and socially. This can best be accomplished through a total integration of the university environment and residence on campus. Therefore, Avila requires all full-time, single freshmen and sophomores under the age of 21 to live in university residence halls if they are not residing with their parents (within a 40 mile radius of campus).

Residence Contracts

As a newly admitted student, it is important that you complete and submit one of the following:

  1. Please download all three documents and mail them in together.
    All three are needed to complete your application. Roommate matching will occur beginning in early June and continues throughout the summer. Room assignments are mailed, beginning in mid-July.
  2. Download the Exemption Request Form
    If requesting an exemption from the policy, return the form and a response will be sent to you to approve or disprove your exemption request.