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The purpose of the Marketing minor is to provide students with an understanding of how the Marketing function, using a customer focus, can be used to successfully sell goods, services and ideas. The minor prepares students to work with Marketing professionals and is therefore an excellent complimentary supplement to related major areas of study such as Communication. In addition to a common core of business preparation courses, students take additional courses with a Marketing focus. For a minor in Marketing a minimum grade of C or better is required in all classes. The Marketing minor is not permitted for Business majors.

Communication - Advertising and Public Relations
Art & Design

Required Courses Prerequisite Course(s)
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3) MA115 or higher
BL 305 Legal Aspects of Business I (3)  
MK 310 Marketing (3) EC202
Plus 4 (12 hours) of the following:  
MK 312 Consumer Behavior (3) MK 310 AND PY 101
MK 313 Promotion Strategy (3) MK 310
MK 316 Personal Selling (3) MK 310
MK 411 International Marketing (3) MK 310
MK 412 Services Marketing (3) MK 310
MK 415 Marketing Policy (3) MK 310
MK 417 Marketing Research (3) MK 310 and EC 240
Total Semester Hours: 21  
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