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Avila University's School of Business offers two degree programs:

Students must complete a total of 128 semester hours to graduate from Avila University. The courses that students must complete consist of a university core curriculum common to all Avila students that are based upon Avila's mission and values as well as courses required by the student's selected major.

For detailed School of Business curriculum information, contact Doris Frede at 816.501.3725.

Majors pursuing a B.S.B.A. degree will complete a common body of business knowledge which they will start their sophomore year. This business core consists of courses in accounting, economics, business law, business communications, management, finance, computer information and statistics. The students will then continue into courses that are specifically required for their chosen business major.

Avila University's business curriculum allows the student to develop their oral and written communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills through classroom projects and presentations. Students will also develop and hone their analytical skills which are in great demand in the business world. Students have the opportunity to complete business internships in the local community.
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