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A career in Finance is for the person who likes a fast pace and can accept significant responsibilities. In return, the potential rewards are very high. Your Finance major prepares you for a career in banking, corporate finance, or investment brokerage just to name a few. The career path in Finance leads to position titles of Vice President or Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The success of all modern organizations revolves around the financial decisions made by the financial officer. If you see yourself at the heart of an organizationís financial decision making then this major is for you. Please note that a good mind for analysis and an understanding of economics is essential to the study of Finance.

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Listed below are a sample of possible job opportunities with a Finance degree. The estimated Midwest median starting salary is listed with each position . Click on a job position to get a brief description of the job duties. Source: www.salary.com, November 2013

Commercial Credit Analyst I - $41,316
Reviews credit data to evaluate commercial loan requests in order to approve or deny applications. Analyzes sources of financial information, such as reporting services, credit bureaus, other companies, main office files, and branches to determine profitability of loan.
Commercial Loan Review Officer I - $48,885
Performs reviews of bank's commercial loans to ensure compliance with established policies and standards. Reviews small loans of little complexity.
Consumer Credit Analyst I - $40,637
Reviews credit data to evaluate consumer loan requests in order to approve or deny applications. Analyzes financial information, such as income growth, quality of management, and market share to determine profitability of loan.
Corporate Finance Associate - $58,722
Gathers and interprets financial data in order to assist in corporate financial decisions. Assists in determining and negotiating financial aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Advises on new investment opportunities for the company.
Financial Analyst - $50,422
Compiles and analyzes financial information for an organization. Develops integrated revenue/expense analysis, projections, reports, and presentations. Creates and analyzes monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and ensures financial information has been recorded accurately. Identifies trends and developments in competitive environments and presents findings to senior management. Performs financial forecasting and reconciliation of internal accounts.
Fraud Prevention Associate - $36,259
Researches and analyzes customer accounts for possible cases of fraud and to prevent future fraud. Identifies valid or fraudulent transactions. Identifies areas that need increased security procedures or software to protect customer accounts. Researches and reports on advanced security options.
Group Underwriter - $46,831
Reviews, analyzes, and inspects group insurance contracts. Calculates benefits, rates, and the financial status of a company. Analyzes various rate plans utilizing a company's claims history to determine the appropriate rate plan and benefits costs.
Mortgage Credit Analyst - $47,367
Gathers necessary credit information and evaluates mortgage loan requests in order to approve or deny applications.
Mortgage Underwriter - $46,355
Underwrites mortgage loan applications and evaluates loans in order to maximize organizational profit and minimize risk or loss. Monitors property appraisal process.
Public Finance Associate - $59,952
Gathers and interprets financial data in order to assist in funding public projects. Collaborates with public officials in analyzing the necessary bond and cash flow reports that are associated with the projects. Starts the offering process and may make recommendations to interested investors.
Revenue Analyst - $41,562
Compiles and analyzes revenue information for an organization. Reviews organizational billing practices to ensure invoice accuracy and proper revenue recognition. Reviews ledger for outstanding accounts and contacts clients to initiate collections. Conducts revenue forecast analysis and presents findings to senior management.
Risk Analyst - $47,927
Performs risk analysis studies in order to maintain maximum protection of an organization's assets. Investigates any incidences that may result in asset loss and compiles findings in reports for further review.
Treasury Analyst - $48,148
Responsible for financial planning and analysis to forecast budgets and financial status. Researches economic trends and investment opportunities. Determines procurement of funds and monitors investments and collections.
Underwriter (Life) - $43,331
Reviews medical, occupational, financial, and legal information to select or reject individual or group life applications. Calculates rates and premiums from approved decrement tables.

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