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The Business Administration major is an excellent path to a rewarding career in many fields of endeavor. This major is found in management positions in corporate, government, and not for profit organizations. The skills of the Business Administration major are in high demand and career advancement is a given for the motivated graduate in Business. The major includes coursework in addition to the core business classes so that you can emphasize Management, Marketing, Finance/Economics, Accounting, Management Information Systems or combinations thereof.

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Listed below are a sample of possible job opportunities with a Business Administration degree. The estimated Midwest median starting salary is listed with each position . Click on a job position to get a brief description of the job duties. Source: www.salary.com, October 2008

Construction Project Engineer I - $58,500
Under the supervision of the Project Manager, provides technical support to construction staff. Reviews plans and other technical documents, answers questions regarding the scope and/or timing of the project, and monitors costs and project progress. May assist in the development of cost estimates or tentative schedules.
Labor Relations Specialist - $49,100
Participates in labor contract negotiations. May prepare contract agreements. Must be familiar with federal, state and local regulations pertaining to labor issues. Represents the organization in legal hearings on labor issues and with labor governing bodies. Makes recommendations for changes to existing policies to ensure compliance with new or proposed regulations.
Level I Materials Management Supervisor - $42,300
Responsible for overseeing warehousing, shipping, receiving, and materials handling. A level I supervisor is considered a working supervisor with little authority for personnel actions.
Level Methods and Procedure Analyst - $43,200
Evaluates, maintains and improves efficiency of organization. Develops and implements new procedures, policies and paperwork to simplify and improve operations. Determines need for new equipment.
Level Packaging Engineer - $55,400
Designs product packaging to ensure product integrity and appeal under varying shipping and display conditions. Tests, analyzes, and selects materials for packaging based on durability and cost effectiveness.
Reliability Engineer - $58,700
Analyzes the reliability in design, cost, weight, production and consumer satisfaction of company products. Develops the methods and measures of analysis based on customer and contractual obligations. Prepares reports, charts and diagrams to disclose results and highlight areas for further investigation.
Safety Representative - $42,900
Outlines and implements training programs about employee safety procedures and accident protection and prevention. Responsibilities also include developing and distributing educational materials, inspecting company facilities, and recommending corrections or additional precautions to ensure compliance to established regulations.
Transportation Engineer - $46,200
Responsible for the design and planning of transportation facilities and projects. May propose changes to existing roadways to improve the flow of traffic. Ensures compliance with government standards and regulations.
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