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Max Lefevre
Longwy, France
International Business

Avila faves:  Love the smaller classrooms, was never scared of expressing my opinion
Update/Plans: I would like to become a sports agent.


BrittneyBrittney Johnson
Harrisonville, MO

Avila faves:  My favorite thing about Avila is that you get the opportunity to grow with your classmates. Avila is such a small school that you have the same people in your classes as you progress through your major, so you get to know them on a personal level which I thought was cool!
Update/Plans: I am currently working for Cerner Corporation as a Business Analyst and am planning on going back to school to get my Master's in Healthcare Administration.

CrystalCrystal Miller
Garden City, KS
Business Administration

Avila faves:  My favorite thing about Avila is the easy access to professors. Having gone to KU originally, I find it really important to be able to interact with instructors and ask questions when needed. When you're in an auditorium of a thousand people you're lucky if they even know you exist.
Update/Plans:  The company I currently work for is expanding. I intend to explore what opportunities are available with expansion.

EmilyEmily Hawkins
Harrisonville, MO

Avila Faves:   I really enjoyed the small class sizes at Avila.  I was able to really connect with my teachers, and felt like each one of them was invested in my success.  
Update/Plans: Currently I am working for Ken-A-Vision Mfg. organizing their customer service, and helping out with marketing projects.  Ken-A-Vision is a leader in digital presentation solutions and microscopes, as well as application software located in Kansas City.

AlainAlain Villalpando
Kansas City, MO

Avila Faves: One of my favorite things about Avila is that I was able to have conversations with my professors about topics that interested me, especially things that had to do with my Finance degree. Being a small school, it allowed me to make those connections with my professors, which increased my interest in the Finance field. I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend this institution.  
Update/Plans: Currently working full time at Avila University as Financial Aid coordinator, and do a part time internship with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Ultimately, I would like to work as an Analyst in a Banking Institution.


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