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Dr. Stephen Daggett
Professor and Chair of Biology
Office: 208A O'Rielly
Phone: 816-501-3654
Email: Stephen.Daggett@Avila.edu

Dr. Daggett received his Ph.D. at The Pennsylvania State University in 1993, the year he came to Avila.  His research interests include any question/problem relating to the history of biology and the biology of microorganisms.  Dr. Daggett teaches introductory biology (Biology 111), general microbiology, immunology, and genetics.



Dr. Greg Fitch
Office:210 B O'Rielly
Email: Greg.Fitch@Avila.edu

Dr. Fitch was awarded the Ph.D. by Kansas State University in 1997 and began teaching at Avila that same year. His research interests include neurobiology and invertebrate behavior. Dr. Fitch regularly teaches the following courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Physiology, Behavior and the Brain, and Biology Laboratory and Literature Research/Colloquium and Seminar.



Dr. Robert PowellBob Powell picture
Office:110 O'Rielly
Email: Robert.Powell@avila.edu

Dr. Powell earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in 1981. He has been at Avila since 1972. His research interests are focused on the natural history and ecological relationships of amphibians and reptiles in the West Indies. Dr. Powell teaches introductory biology, animal form, function, and development, ecology, evolution, and vertebrate anatomy, as well as interdisciplinary courses on environmental issues (with Dr. David Wissmann), the natural and cultural history of Hawaii and the Bahamas (with Dr. David Wissmann), Darwin and literature (with Dr. Nancy Cervetti), and the history and science of the Lewis & Clark expedition (with Dr. Sherry Schirmer). He also is the head of a summer undergraduate research program offered every other year and funded by the National Science Foundation.
Dr. Karin Gastreich
Assistant Professor
Office H, O'Rielly Hall
Phone: 816-501-2996
Email: Karin.Gastreich@Avila.edu

Dr. Gastreich received her Ph.D. at the University of Texas in Austin in 1996.  Her research interests include plant-insect interactions, predator-prey interactions, indirect effects, cooperative behavior, tropical ecology and conservation.  She has worked primarily with insects and spiders in Central and South America .   She teaches Introductory Biology , Anatomy and Physiology Lab , Women in Science (with Dr. Sherry Schirmer) and Plant Form and Function



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