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The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to strengthen and perpetuate athletic tradition at Avila University.  Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame shall consist only of those outstanding varsity letter winners, coaches, and administrators whose dedication and performance merit the great honors that the University can bestow.

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Qualifications for Student-Athletes

To be considered for selection of the Athletic Hall of Fame, an individual must have:

  1. Earned two or more letters in a varsity sport at Avila University.
  2. Gained distinction because of superb athletic performance.  In considering this factor, the committee shall give significant weight to team, conference, or NAIA recognition bestowed upon the individual.
  3. Maintained a personal reputation for integrity that reflects favorably on the University.  Furthermore, the candidate must have separated from the University honorably and in good standing.
  4. Earned a baccalaureate, professional, or graduate degree from Avila University or another accredited institution of higher learning.  The Hall of Fame Selection Committee may recommend to the University President exceptions to this requirement for athletes not meeting the foregoing standard due to extraordinary circumstances.
  5. Amendments to the nomination criteria may be made with the approval of the President of the University. 
  6. An athlete, coach or administrator cannot be selected to the Hall of Fame until five (5) years have lapsed since completion of varsity competition, active coaching or active employment.  (A nomination can be accepted during the year preceding eligibility.)

Qualifications for a Coach or Athletic Staff Member

  1. Must have coached or been on the staff at Avila University for at least three (3) years.
  2. Must have coached teams that reflect favorably upon the University.
  3. Must have maintained a personal reputation for integrity that reflects favorably upon the University.

Selection Committee

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall consist of five (5) persons, each having one (1) vote.  The committee shall elect a Chairperson.

  1. A member of the Faculty Athletic Committee as designated by said Committee.
  2. A representative from the Avila University Alumni Association as designated by said Association.
  3. The Avila University Director of Athletics
  4. An Avila University Athletics staff member.
  5. A member of the Athletic Hall of Fame selected by the Director of Athletics. 

The Committee guidelines and procedures for selection of Hall of Fame members will be submitted to the President's Executive Committee for approval.

Nomination and Selection

Nominations shall be in writing and may be made during the year preceding initial eligibility.  Nominations must be submitted to the Athletics Director on the Official Nomination Form obtained from the Department of Athletics.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will receive the nominations and review the qualification of the nominees.  The Selection Committee will consider those who are determined to be eligible.

A quorum of the Selection Committee shall consist of no less than four (4) members.  To be recommended by the Selection Committee, a nominee must receive a favorable vote from at least three (3) members present and voting at the committee meeting.
Names and qualifications of those persons receiving a favorable vote for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame will be presented to the President of Avila University for approval.

A maximum of four (2) athletes and two (2) coaches/administrators may be elected to the Athletic Hall of Fame in any given year.


  1. Those selected to the Hall of Fame shall be presented with an appropriate award.
  2. An appropriate public display commemorating the achievements of the recipients shall be prepared and displayed in a prominent location determined by the Athletic Department.

General Rules

  1. The award shall be made at an appropriate time to be designated by the Athletic Department.
  2. The Athletic Department shall defray expenses related to providing appropriate awards and arranging for the public display commemorating the achievements of the recipients.

> Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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