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Class Alumni Partners Members by Class Year

Meet your Class Alumni Partners below. Does your class not have a CAP? Consider becoming a CAP by clicking the "Responsibilities" tab on the right.


First Name Maiden Name Last Name Class
Mary Elizabeth Hessel Heiman '47
Marybeth Malsie Swartz O'Malley '47
Mary Ann Miller Hense '48
Mimi Turpin Fasenmyer '49
Rose Aylward Ferguson '50
Dorothy McKinley McKinley '50
Mary Junker Heiman '52
Mary Anne Gripka Flucke '54
Anna Schorfheide '54
Virginia Kopp Coppinger '58
Roberta Hafner Courville '58
Mary O'Donnell Fern '58
Mary Ellen O'Keefe Devine '59
Kathleen Tobin Bannister '60
Connie Kassick John '61
Mary Wholey Hughes '62
Rose McLarney '62
Barbara Moore '62
Ann Carey Schmiedeler '62
Betty Booker '63
Mary Beck '68
Carol Jean Stipetich DeFeo '68
Martha Rupp Aldenderfer '69
Helen Davies Swetala '72
Ann Ott Ventrillo '72
Lucie McCallum Black '75
Marian Kelly Monnig '75
Barbara Cox Shatto '75
Russell Pilshaw '76
Mildred Capers Capers '77
Ann Cathcart Cathcart '82
Patricia Flucke Wagner '82
Sandra Winch Winch '82
Ann Barhorst Feehan '84
Karen Aubuchon Moorman '84
Karla Kerr Myers '84
Connie Shoffit Haworth '87
John Baldwin '89
Carmen Canzonere Bisacca '89
Kerry Dugan Eckart '89
Michelle Graff '89
Cynthia Cook Licavoli '89
Joyce Rolston Maurer '91
Kara Anderson '02
Tyler Barr '02
Tekia Thompson '02
Amy Peterman Huber '03
Jeremy Lillig '03
Laura Wilkerson Barr '04
Anthony Rigolizzo '05
Cassandra Kline Furderer '05
Brian Poterbin '07
Johnny Turnage '07
Chamene Woods '08
Kaitlin Moses Montgomery '09
Cecile O'Hare O'Hara '10



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