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Are you a registered nurse?

Earn your BSN degree – Online courses available


  • RN to BSN
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  • Careers

Avila University ’s RN to BSN program builds upon the knowledge and experience you have obtained in your nursing career and expands that foundation with insight to prepare you for graduate school and/or expansion of professional and career opportunities.

Avila Advantage is a unique and innovative approach to adult education in Kansas City that offers:

  • Take your courses online in a flexible format
  • Professional, real-world instructors who value your nursing experience
  • Eight week classes that start each month


Admissions Criteria

  • Associate's Degree in Nursing or Nursing diploma
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • Possess an unencumbered RN license
  • Be eligible for Missouri and/or Kansas licensure
  • Complete nursing pre-requisites with a minimum grade of C

To Apply, submit an application online at www.avila.edu/advantage along with your official transcripts and a copy of your RN license.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Avila University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.


Course Requirements


General Education Requirements  
Composition I 3 credits
Fundamentals of Communication 3 credits
Finite Math, College Algebra OR Calc 3 credits
World Civ OR American History  3 credits
Literature (culturally diverse) 3 credits
Philosophy (Ethics required) 3 credits
Religious Studies  3 credits
Philosophy OR Religious Studies* 3 credits
Art, Music OR Theatre Appreciation 3 credits
Natural Science  4 credits
Self and Society (General Psychology required)   3 credits
Social Institutions (Sociology required) 3 credits
Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)*  6 credits
Nursing Prerequisites  
PY 308     Life Span Development   3 credits 
BI 250      Microbiology w/ lab 4 credits
BI 220      Human Anat & Phys w/ lab 6 credits  
EC 240    Statistics 3 credits 
NU 111    Nutrition 3 credits 
Nursing Core     
**NU 452   Nursing Pharmacology/test-out 2 credits 
**NU 453   Health Assessment/test-out  3 credits 
**NU 456   Health Informatics 2 credits 
NU 476     Evidence Based Practice 2 credits
NU 470     Development of the Professional Nurse II  3 credits
HC 305     Healthcare Policy, US Global  3 credits
NU 484     Population Based Health Concepts 3 credits
NU 489     Capstone Practicum 3 credits
Choose One Concentration  
Patient Centered Care  
NU 473   Psychosocial Concepts 2 credits
HC 310   Healthcare for the Elderly 3 credits
NU 485   High Acuity Nursing 3 credits
HC 330   Organization of HC Services  3 credits
HC 340   Legal Aspects of Healthcare 3 credits

     *denotes a class that meets IS/RS and Philosophy Religious Studies requirement

** after successful completion of these courses, student receives 27 additional hours toward their nursing degree


Class Schedule

Fall Semester 2015
August 24 – December 19

Spring Semester 2016
January 4 – April 23

Summer Semester 2016
April 25 – August 13

Course Rotation

For nursing course rotation information, please contact Jamie McConnell, Jamie.mcconnell@avila.edu or 816-501-0428.


Careers with a Nursing Degree

With a BSN degree, you receive more of the valuable skills desired by employers and are more likely to obtain graduate education that will help you advance in your career to higher managerial roles at health facilities, such as nursing director and clinical nurse manager. The average salaries for these positions are much higher than a typical RN staff salary.

The BSN degree will allow you to take your education even further by qualifying you to pursue a master’s degree in nursing.

Career opportunities for individuals with a degree in nursing vary by position, specialty, work setting or population served. Some clinical & non-clinical areas include:

  • Teaching/Nurse educators
  • Nurse Manager
  • Head Nurse
  • Case Manager
  • Research
  • Forensic nursing
  • Infection control

(Information obtained from the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011 edition)