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Master’s in Management with an emphasis in Project Management

  • Project Mgmt. Degree
  • Course Requirements
  • Class Schedule
  • Course Rotation
  • Careers

A Master’s in Management degree from Avila Advantage will go beyond preparing you to work with numbers to one that will prepare you to work with people. By taking part in the master’s degree in project management, you will gain a broader perspective of management—one that will sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills, help you understand what truly motivates employees, and assist you in building your career while strengthening your workplace environment.

Are you PMP Certified through Project Management Institute (PMI)? Would you like to receive 10 hours of graduate credit towards a Master’s degree in Management?

Avila Advantage offers a Master of Arts in Management with a concentration in Project Management. If you are a certified Project Manager through PMI, we value your knowledge and skill in the area of Project Management. Because we recognize your credential is highly regarded, Avila Advantage will grant you ten hours of graduate credit toward your Master’s degree in Management. This means you can finish your program quickly since you will only have 24 credits left once you transfer in your PMP credential.

Project Management: A project management concentration in this graduate degree in management prepares you to be a vital team player in careers from government to global business, construction to creative endeavors, healthcare to Internet technology. Your professors are proven professionals who are well versed in the latest project management tools, trends, and practices.

A master’s degree in management is intended to:

  • Develop communication, teamwork, leadership, and management skills
  • Focus on the behavioral skills of management and how to apply them in the workplace

This master’s degree in project management offers a flexible class schedule with eight week and/or weekend-intensive formats. Your Advantage allows you to start, pause, and resume your coursework, according to what works best in your life.

Choose from eight week classes that are online or on-campus.


Course Requirements

The master’s in management courses include 37 credit hours where you’ll zero in on the skills necessary for effective project management. As a graduate degree in management, the curriculum teaches a variety of skill sets necessary to be an effective leader.


Management Curriculum (all courses below required)  

MG 601 Statistics & Assessment 3

MG 605 Ethics & Legal Environment 3

MG 630 Financial Decision Making for Managers 3

MG 650 Strategic Communication (also in OD) 3

MG 670 Organizational Psych & Behavior (OD) 3

MG 675 Team Development (OD) 3

MG 688 Leadership & Influence (also in OD) 3

Required Capstone Course  

MG 695 Applied Research Project 3

Project Management Curriculum  

PM 600 Introduction to Project Management 1

PM 672 Practice of Project Management 3

PM 673 Tools & Technology of Project Management 3

PM 674 Application of Project Management 3

PM 676
PM 677
Management Technology OR
Six Sigma

37 credit hours are required to graduate.


Class Schedule
Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions.

Spring Semester 2015
January 5– April 25

Summer Semester 2015
April 27 – August 15

Course Rotation


Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions.
(o) Online
FR 600
Intro to Fundraising
PM 600
Intro to Project Mgmt
MG 601
MG 601 
MG 601 
Statistics (o)
MG 650
Strategic Communication
MG 650  S
trategic Communication (o)
MG 650 
Strategic Communication
MG 670
Org Psych & Behavior
MG 670 
Org Psych & Behavior (o)
MG 670 
Org Psych & Behavior
MG 675
Team Development
MG 675 
Team Development
MG 675
Team Development (o)
MG 688 
Leadership and Influence (o)
MG 688
Leadership and Influence
MG 688 
Leadership and Influence
MG 688 
Leadership and Influence (o)
PM 673
Tools/Technology of PM (o)
PM 677
Six Sigma (o)
MG 605
Ethics & Legal Environ
MG 630
Financial Decisionmaking
PM 672 Practice of Project Mgmt (o) PM 674 Application of PM (o) PM 678 Management Technology (o)
**FR classes rotate in this order – one in the 2nd half of each trimester

FR 645 Institutional Fundraising – Fall 2011

FR 620 Fundraising Planning – Spring 2012

FR 610 Direct & Interactive Mktg – Summer 2012

FR 635 Major & Planned Giving – Fall 2012




Careers with a Project Management Master's Degree

Avila University's Advantage Program is now a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI). This approval by the PMI demonstrates that Avila Advantage offers exceptional project management training. The global and long-term employment for project managers looks promising.

Some fields that are experiencing continued growth and demand for individuals with a master’s in project management include:
· Healthcare
· Infrastructure development
· Green technologies
· Non-profit organizations
· Global business
· Government

Job opportunities with a graduate degree in management include positions in some of the following areas:

· Consulting
· Information Management
· Regional Management
· Supply Chain Management
· Financial Analyst
· Research Associate/Analyst
· Human Resources Management
· Procurement