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Leadership Coaching Certificate Program

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Executive Coaching Certificate Program at Avila UniversityOur Leadership Coaching Certification Advances you

Whether you are in a leadership position, or desire to move in to one, the Leadership Coaching certification sharpens your skills in listening and communication so you can move your career to the next level. Coaching for performance or coaching through conflict are a few of the concepts you will learn as you advance through the 12 credit hour graduate certificate.

Our Leadership Coaching Certification is transformative

Learn and grow in your business relationships as you learn to adopt a coaching approach to problem solving. This program will totally change how you listen and interact with others while maximizing your relationships. Motivate and persuade in an impactful way as you use the skills you learn in your program.

Our Leadership Coaching Certification prepares you
Become a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation using your graduate certificate as preparation for the ICF credentialing process.

Our Leadership Coaching Certification revolves around you
With classes meeting just one night per week for eight weeks, you can keep your full time job while you pursue your graduate certificate in Leadership Coaching. You can apply and enroll every eight weeks by taking advantage of our rolling admissions process. Your graduate certificate is twelve credit hours that rolls easily into the Master of Science in Organizational Development degree. You can stop with the certificate or proceed with the Master’s degree- the flexibility and choice is yours.


Course Requirements


Coaching Certification  

OD 642 Intro to Coaching 3

OD 643 Personal Coaching 3

OD 644 Coaching Skills 3

OD 645 Leadership Coaching as an OD intervention 3

12 credit hours are required for the certificate


Class Schedule
Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions.

Spring Semester 2015
January 5– April 25

Summer Semester 2015
April 27 – August 15

Course Rotation


COURSE ROTATION- Starting Fall 2013
Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions.



OD 600 Intro to OD Fall Weekend
OD 600 Intro to OD Spring Weekend
OD 600 Intro to OD Summer Weekend
OD 601 Statistics Fall 8-week
OD 601 Statistics Spring 8-week
OD 601 Statistics Summer Online
OD 625 Practical Research Design Fall 8-week
OD 625 Practical Research Design Spring 8-week
OD 630 Apps of Psych in Orgs Fall 8-week
OD 630 Apps of Psych in Orgs Summer 8-week
OD 640 OD and Planned Change Fall 8-week
OD 640 OD and Planned Change Summer 8-week
OD 640 OD and Planned Change Spring 8-week
OD 660 Organizational Analysis Fall 8-week
OD 660 Organizational Analysis Summer 8-week
OD 675 Team Development Fall 8-week
OD 675 Team Development Spring Online
OD 675 Team Development Summer 8-week
OD 691 Consulting Skills Fall 8-week
OD 691  Consulting Skills Spring  8-week
OD 695 Capstone Fall 16-week
OD 695 Capstone Spring 16-week
OD 695 Capstone Summer 16-week
MSOD Concentrations/Certificates
Executive Leadership Development:
OD 650 Strategic Communication Fall Online
OD 650  Strategic Communication Summer 8-week
OD 655 Innovation and Creativity Spring 8-week
OD 678 Conflict Management Summer 8-week
OD 688 Leadership & Influence  Fall 8-week
OD 688 Leadership & Influence Spring Online
Leadership Coaching:
OD 642 Introduction to Coaching Fall 8-week
OD 642 Introduction to Coaching Spring 8-week
OD 643 Personal Coaching Spring 8-week
OD 644 Coaching Skills Summer 8-week
OD 645 Leadership Coaching  as Fall 8-week (beginning Fall 2014)
   an OD Intervention
Strategic Human Resources:
OD 679 Training & Development Spring 8-week
OD 679 Training & Development Summer 8-week
OD 662 Strategic Management Fall 8-week
OD 664 Workforce Planning & Employmt Fall 8-week (beginning Fall 2014)
OD 667 Total Rewards & Risk Mgmt Spring 8-week
OD 668 Employee and Labor Relations Summer 8-week



Careers with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development

In whatever direction your career path lies, you will find your knowledge and skills as an OD practitioner will give you broad appeal in diverse fields and career paths. OD practitioners serve in such areas as:

  • Business development consulting
  • Campaign strategizing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Executive coaching
  • Human Resource management
  • Leadership training