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Application Checklist

Graduate Psychology Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Psychology Program application process. The Avila Department of Psychology application is self-administered, meaning that the applicant is responsible for submitting the completed application forms and all supporting documents.

Required Application Materials
Applications will not be processed until all application materials have been received including the following:

  • The Department of Psychology Graduate Application
    The application should be completed online. If an accommodation or assistance is needed while completing the application, please contact the Department of Psychology.

  • Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
    Be sure to include relevant work and/or volunteer experience as well as research presentations or publications.

  • Statement of Purpose
    Your written statement is a critical component of your application for admission, and can sometimes be the determining factor in approval of admittance. This letter serves as your writing sample. Be sure that your letter is well-written, edited and approximately 500 words long. Your statement should reflect your motivation for graduate study, your professional goals, as well as how you think your career and academic goals will be supported by the experience of an education at Avila University.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    (Download PDF form)
    Two current letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate your academic and professional qualifications are required. Family members and non-professional affiliated friends do not meet this requirement. A form is provided for your convenience. Please complete the top portion and note the right of access statement on the recommendation form; you may or may not elect to sign this waiver.

    You should solicit recommendations from individuals who are familiar with your academic achievement and who can address your potential for success in this particular academic setting. If you have been out of school for a number of years and are unable to contact former professors, letters from other individuals who can address your achievement and potential will be accepted. Those submitting recommendations may either return the recommendation to you (in a sealed envelope with their signature over the flap) for inclusion with the other application documents or mail the recommendations directly to the mailing address provided on the recommendation form.

  • Transcripts
    (Click here for Official Transcript Form)
    Official transcripts of all post-secondary education, bearing the signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution, are required. This requirement stands even if credits earned at one institution appear as credits transferred on another institution's transcript. An original transcript from each institution is always required.

    Applicants may submit transcripts before mid-year grades are posted. However, final transcripts, recording verification of your graduation and degree conferred must follow. If possible, submit your official transcripts (in sealed envelopes) at the same time as your application. However, if the institution will not release official transcripts directly to the student, they may send the transcripts directly to the address below.

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